3 Most Common Problems Poll Makers Face-FIXED!

Have you ever experienced that technological advancements make the tasks a lot easier? But does that make them fool-proof? Are they completely error-free? Well, no. Online surveys are like that as well. A few decades back, you had to hire a research company to do surveys. But when surveys went online, you could cut a lot of the “cost” out. Designing your own online surveys and reaching out to your customers has become affordable than hiring a market research firm on the surface.

But the most important thing that you must focus on is crafting the survey. The surveys should be designed in such a way that it would return information on the basis of which you can make good business decisions. Experts state that by identifying what the most common problems are with online surveys, you can most easily overcome the challenges with surveys so that your business can enjoy the benefits they provide.

1) Your Survey/Poll Questions Might Be Confusing or Misleading

Generally, the Survey questions must clearly ask a specific and direct question. It is essential if you want them to yield effective results. If the survey questions are very confusing or misleading, then the respondent might not even consider providing answers to the question. This won’t be useful to you in any way. Why? Because, the response you will yield from confusing questions would not provide any information that is reliable or trustworthy for your needs.


2) Your Survey/Poll Questions Must Not Be Too Long

This is another common issue with surveys. You must not include questions that are too lengthy or wordy. When the questions are too long, it becomes easy to lose the meaning of it. Moreover, the respondent may feel overwhelmed or may even lose focus when the questions are too long. Generally, the best survey questions are those that are short, direct, and to the point. The survey questions have a specific purpose, and they generally have short answer options that are easy to understand.

Why should the survey/poll questions be short? Your respondents are busy and it is easy to feel distracted when the questions are too long. They do not want to spend much time reading questions and then understanding what it is about. Therefore, it is essential to have short, direct questions and answer options that help them to feel as though they are progressing through the survey with speed. So basically, a survey will reveal limited or meaningless information if the respondent fails to answer all of the questions.

3) Keep the Survey/Poll Short

Besides survey questions, you must ensure that your entire survey must not be more than two to three minutes. Experts recommend that you have to get the person’s attention within the first 10 seconds – or 8 seconds – or you’ve lost them. You aim to build your survey questionnaire to obtain important insights, so every question should play a direct role in hitting that target.


Are Your Survey Questions Using Ambiguous Rating Systems

Nowadays, the surveys are designed in a way that asks consumers to rate their experiences on a scale of one to five or one to 10. The rating system helps in identifying whether a consumer feels neutral, positive, or negative about a certain area that is being questioned in the survey. But the response is rather arbitrary.

For instance, a consumer that rates an area positively on a scale of one to 10 may offer an 8 when they are completely satisfied with the experience, but he or she may not rate it as complete 10 as a response because of the belief that a company can always do better. On the other hand, sometimes it might happen that a customer gives a 10 when they are not completely satisfied but because they do not want store staff or management to get fired or in trouble. These are purely arbitrary opinions that are based on a person’s value system or beliefs. They may indicate a positive or negative experience, but they do not provide any useful or real information for a company to improve upon.

How To Overcome Survey Problems?

Well, by now, you must have understood that there are multiple challenges that companies might have to face when using surveys. But avoiding surveys is never the answer, as they are nonetheless beneficial and important for any business. Surveys can guide the managers in facilitating marketing decisions, product development or refinement, customer service, and more. Generally, the quality of feedback that you receive through these surveys can be used to give your customers a better overall experience.


If you are looking forward to accomplishing the goals that you have set for your company, you must work in a way to avoid these survey problems. Designing a fool-proof and interactive survey will help you to keep your customers engaged and even generate more customers.

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