40+ Best Poll Questions to Engage Your Online Audience

With the help of online surveys and polls, the success rate for building more user engagement increases significantly. They are a great medium to get more information regarding your target audience and customer personas. Perhaps you are still thinking of the right question to ask your audience. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place.

In this post, you’ll find the 40+ best poll questions to engage your audience rather than spending your time searching on google. 

If you like any question and want to use it, then don’t hesitate to copy them. Just adjust them according to your needs.

Using these poll questions, you are likely to get more user engagement than it was before. Because it’s now easier for them to select the answer and click. 

Each person has a different taste for any particular subject. So keeping that in mind, we have divided questions into categories that’ll suit the audience’s needs and interests. All these questions are taken from the deep sea of the web. 

Are you keen to know the best poll questions to boost engagement with your online audience?

So let’s dive into it:

Icebreaker poll questions

  1. Mood checker: How is your mood today? (Give rating on a scale of 1-7)

       2. Do you like to be an early bird or a night owl?

                a. Early bird

                b. Night owl

        3. If money and time didn’t exist, what would you be doing right now?

Funny Poll Questions

       4. If you get a superpower, what would it be?

  1. Reading minds
  2. Teleporting
  3. Invisible
  4. Flying
  5. I already got a superpower
  1. Strangest thing you did when attending an online meeting?
  1. Eating breakfast
  2. Have worn pajamas
  3. Cooked lunch/dinner
  4.  Was brushing teeth
  5. Watched Netflix
  1. Which of these traits is true about yourself?
  1. Outgoing
  2. Funny
  3. Smart
  4. Kind
  1. If you are a time traveler, what would you want to see..
  1. Past?
  2. Future?
  3. I’m happy in the present
  1. Have you ever …
  1. Had a crush on your boss?
  2. Stole shampoo or conditioner from hotels?
  3. Peed while in the swimming pool?
  4. Told lies openly to your mother?
  1. If age is just a state of mind, then which one describes yours?
  1. Cheeky child
  2. Bedevil teenager
  3. Mad middle age person
  4. Nifty grandparent
  1. What would be the one thing you will take with you to the desert?
  1. Quad bike
  2. Comfy shoes
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Camera

Business Questions 

  1. What do you think is the best source for motivation?
  1. Reading motivational quotes
  2. Inspiring music or speakers
  3. Spirituality
  4. Comparing self to a role model
  5. Have a mentor
  1. Which social media platform you think is effective for marketing?
  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Linkedin
  4. Youtube
  5. Twitter
  1. How often do you comment on social media blogs or posts?
  1. More than often
  2. Sometimes
  3. Rarely
  4. Never
  1. What do you think is the best polling platform?


  1. Survey Legend
  2. Poll everywhere
  3. Polldeep
  4. Slido
  5. Zoho survey
  1. Which industry figure is your role model?
  1. Mark Zuckerberg
  2. Sundar Pichai
  3. Jeff Bezos
  4. Elon Musk
  5. Bill Gates
  1. How do you protect your business against cyber-crime?
  1. We have cybersecurity insurance coverage
  2. Our dedicated staff will protect us
  3. We give regular training for best practices
  4. Third-party vendor protection
  1. What most matters to you when deciding on hiring?
  1. Attitude
  2. Work ethic
  3. Growth potential
  4. Skillset
  5. Salary

Social Media Questions

  1. Which Halloween candy do you like the most?
  1. Licorice
  2. Lollipops
  3. Candy corn
  4. Caramel clusters
  5. Chocolate-nut bars
  1. If animals could talk, who would be the rudest? (With reason)
  1. Snake
  2. Gorilla
  3. Bear
  4. Fox
  1. Have you ever given a random answer to a poll question?

a) Yes  b) No

  1. If you were a dog, which would it be?

a) Napoleon mastiff  b) Golden digger  c) Chinese crested  d) Dachshund

  1. Are you more into..

a) Youtube  b) Netflix

  1. With what you like to have coffee?

a) With milk  b) With sugar  c) Black

  1. What music do you like to listen to the most?

a) Pop  b) Heavy Metal  c)  Rap  d)  Jazz

  1.   Where would you like to go?

a) Mountain b)  Lake c)  Beach

  1. Are you a great learner?

a) Yes  b)  No  c) Can’t say

  1. Do you want to learn more about how to control your mind?

a) Yes  b)  No

  1. Do you want to be a rockstar?

a) Yes  b)  No  c)  I’m a rockstar

  1. Are you a…

a) Tea lover  b)  Coffee lover

  1. Where would you like to travel?

a) Sydney  b) Europe  c) Fiji  d) North Pole

Remote Work Questions

  1. What’s your best personal remote hack you have ever done?
  1. Do you become more productive when working from home?

     a) Yes  b) No

  1. Are you multitasking during online meetings?
  1. Yes, my mind wanders a lot 
  2. I’m guilty of that
  3. Sometimes
  4. I’m 101% focused
  1. If you get a chance to bring one thing to your home from the office, what could it be?

   a) Coffee machine b)  My chair c)  Ping pong table  d) My whole desk

35) On a scale of 1-7, how would you rate yourself as a remote worker?

Learn More About Audience Polls

  1. Which of these best describes you? 
  1. Heroic
  2. Funny
  3. Sly
  4. Artistic
  5. Loner
  1. Which is your favorite costume for Halloween?
  1. Joker
  2. Harley Quinn
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Michael Myers
  5. Sanderson Sisters
  1. What would you be at Halloween?
  1. Be a witch
  2. Be a ghost
  1. What is your current role?
  1. Marketing
  2. BDE
  3. Accounting
  4. Entrepreneur
  5. Software Developer
  1. How much good are you at using excel? (Rate yourself from 1 to 9)
  1. What makes you feel good?
  1. Music
  2. Reading Books
  3. Watching TV
  4. Small talk with friends
  5. Traveling
  1. If you get a superpower for one day, how will you use it?
  1. What you miss most about your childhood?
  1. Going to school
  2. Summer vacations
  3. Playing for long hours
  4. Not doing homework


While asking questions it’s always necessary to cater to them according to your audience interests. You may have got some idea on how to create an appealing and interactive online poll through the compiled question list discussed above. Thorough research on this will get you more clear.

I hope you have got enough ideas about online polling questions. You can help others by sharing this information via social media and emails.

Want some help? Comment below.

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