Effective Methods to Increase Your Poll Response Rates

Having online polls is quite important for your business or organization. With online polls, you can track the customer’s behavior, you can get to know what are their likes, dislikes, what are their opinions regarding a new product launch, or even ask them to provide suggestions to improve existing products. But all this would be only possible when you are designing a perfect online poll. The framing of the questions, how they are being asked, and in what context is something extremely important are some factors you must keep in mind while designing an online poll. These factors help to ensure that your customers or target audience would be willing to take up the online polls and not abandon them.

You may not be aware of the strategies you can follow to increase the effectiveness of the online polls and ensure that you get a higher response rate. We will share few tips to implement while designing online polls. These tips will help you improve your online poll structure and gain higher response rates.

Through Your Surveys, Your Target Audience Must Feel Special:

Through Your Surveys

If you want your audience or customers to complete the survey and not just leave it in-between, then make sure to make them feel special through the online polls. Your main focus must be on conveying a message that you are looking forward to having suggestions from the audience regarding the products. Moreover, you must emphasize the fact that their opinions matter to you and their feedback would be used to improve the products or services. In this way, you can make your target audience feel extremely special, and they will focus on providing the best and unbiased answers to you.

You Must Respect The Time Your Audience Are Spending To Complete The Survey:

The foremost thing that you must understand is, participating in the survey is entirely the audience’s choice — they can choose to participate in it or not. But you are required to get feedback from the maximum number of people possible. So, you must treat your target audience with respect. Include a message at the start of your poll “Please Spare Us Five Minutes For Answering This Short Survey” or “Please Answer These Six Questions To Help Us Serve You Better”. Such messages will show that you are valuing the time they are offering to complete the survey and you won’t be taking up too much of their time. This is a great technique that will help in increasing the response rate.

Always Ensure That The Surveys Are Short And Not Time Consuming:

time consuming

Normally, your target audience would not have an entire day to complete a survey. If you are designing polls that are time-consuming, then most people would leave it in the middle and not bother to complete it. In order to generate a higher response rate, you must design online polls that do not take more than 5 minutes to complete. In this way, the users would not feel burdened to provide the answers to all the questions.

Focus on Having A Rewarding System:

To increase the response rates, the surveys you design must have some rewards. These rewards would be provided to the participants only when they are successfully completing the surveys by providing the proper answers. The rewards can be some free services, discount coupons, or short-term membership, etc. You can choose these rewards based on the business you are involved in. This reward system is an effective way to encourage an increasing number of people to participate in the online polls and complete them.

You Must Ensure That The Online Polls (Questions) Are Completely Relevant And Motivating:

The questions that you include in the online surveys or online polls must be relevant to the products and services you’re providing and not something out of context. You must also avoid asking any sort of personal questions. Such questions might demotivate the participants, and they might leave the survey in the middle. Moreover, you can provide an option that will enable them to skip those questions that they find irrelevant. You can add multiple choices to your questionnaire so that it becomes more convenient for the respondents to provide the answers to the survey.


These are some of the most effective and efficient ways in which you can increase the response rate of your online polls. These tips are also some of the best ways to keep your audience engaged with your brands for a longer period. Through polls, if they find out about some new interesting products or services, the customers are likely to buy that as well. So it is completely a win-win situation.

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