Has television made a positive Impact on intellectual thought processPoll Globally to get Data this World Television Day

Television is ubiquitous; there is virtually no inhabited building in the world where you will not find at least a television set. For many people, it is their only source of entertainment and relaxation, for some, it is the most important of all home gadgets, and for some, a room can only be said to be complete or called a room when it has a television set in it.

Television has become part of our life and I think it is safe to say that we cannot do without it.

We all have nice things to say about television, but have we ever asked these question: Has television made a positive impact on our intellectual thought process? Is the television positively or negatively affecting the way we think?

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of television as it affects our intellectual thought process:


  1. It is Educational

    The television gives us the opportunity to see the world in the comfort of our home. It expands our mind. We can learn about a lot of things like science, culture of people around the world, technology, sport, politics, etc.

    The educational programs on TV can spur us to want to make some positives changes in ourselves and the world at large. Also, the programs can improve the impression we have about other people living in different countries of the world.


  1. It Exposes People, especially Kids to Vices

    As the TV is good for learning cool and great things so it’s also very good for learning bad and uncool things. There are a lot of nasty programs on violence, crime, and sex on the TV that can twist the thinking of people and can also make kids see wrong things as the right things. A lot of crimes that people commit in the world today started from what they see on the TV.

  2. Some TV programs are Biased

    A lot of TV programs do not present things the way they are. Programs that have been doctored to fit the desire of the producer may end up creating a wrong impression in the mind of the viewers about other people and different areas of life.

  3. TV Reduce Brain Activity and Leads to Lack of Critical Analysis

    The brain health is determined by how much you use it. When you watch TV for a long time, you are not doing any active thinking or engaging the brain, this can have a detrimental effect on the brain and consequently your thought process. Also, the television makes people believe everything they see hook, line, and sinker, which makes people have inaccurate views about reality.

The disadvantages of television seems to be increasing more than the advantages, but this is not enough to judge the kind of impact it has on the intellectual thought process of people.

Conducting an online polls and surveys can be used to gather opinions and lead to a somewhat accurate answer.

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