How to use Slider questions in Your Online Poll

When creating your employee survey questions, marketing survey questions or customer satisfaction questions, it is important to be familiar with the different types of survey question wordings you can use. One of the most common survey questions being used today in online polls is the slider survey question. What are these questions and how do you incorporate them to your online polls?

What are Slider Survey Questions?

A slider survey question is a type often used for questions wherein the answers are rated on a scale. This offers a more usable albeit different take on the common range question type. The truth is, there is one notable difference between a range question type and a slider question type. With a slider, there is an indicated starting point. The respondents can either opt to keep their initial starting point or they can drag the slider to make it agree with their personal preferences. Through providing an ability of sliding a bar on the visual line, the researchers can easily enhance the usability of their online poll and at the same time, gather more nuanced answers from the survey takers or respondents.

Where Do You Use Slider Survey Questions?

The slider survey questions can be used for a number of functions and purposes. Below are some good examples of slider survey questions.

  • Where do you belong on the political spectrum in the US?
  • How often do you ride your bike to the office?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you agree with the statement below?
  • What percent of your monthly income goes to charity?

As you can observe from these questions, every time you want to measure the degree or level of something, the slider survey question might be the best type you can use.

How Do You Set Up Sliders for Your Survey?

When you set up your slider survey questions, there are actually several different options available for you. You can choose to add different labels, units or you can also decide on where you would like the slider to begin.

What are the Other Things You Can Do With Sliders?

The slider survey questions tend to be very flexible. This then gives you the ability to customize them in any way you want and any way you can. You can even use CSS in order to change the slider’s graphics and do different things, such as the following:

  • Add a gradient to the overall feel of the slider
  • Change the slider’s color
  • Change the handle of the slider from a simple bar to an image.

No matter what the purpose of your online poll may be, the proper use of slider survey questions can help you a lot in getting the answers you need and ensure that they are as accurate as you want them to be. These survey questions can greatly influence the results you acquire from your online polls in more ways than one.

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