Survey or Poll What’s the Difference

Polls and surveys are becoming quite popular nowadays. Businesses and organizations are making use of polling systems and surveys to gather useful information and feedback from the customers. Whenever there is an election or market analysis, the administrators conduct polls to analyze the results. They take surveys of the people who are associated with the field and whose response rate could have a great impact on the results. Well, now you saw that the words surveys and polls are used often. But do these words mean the same? Many times you might be wondering whether you can use the words polls and surveys interchangeably or not.

Certainly not. Polls and surveys are words that have different meanings and are used in different scenarios.

Definition Of Polls

Definition Of Polls:

Polls basically refers to the way of knowing the difference in the choices of the people and having a great understanding of what works for them.

Polls are considered beneficial when you need to measure the success of any event or initiative and are carried out at various stages. Moreover, the interval at which polls are conducted would entirely depend on what kind of data needs to be extracted from the respondents.

In earlier times, the polls were conducted in-person. But with the advancing technologies, today people make use of an online polling system to gather information and various useful data. With just one click, the answers from the respondents could be stored and used to bring in major changes in business or market. One of the most important aspects of online polls is to help in market research by providing data on customers’ preferences and thereby can help create a strategy. It will help the organization to know what a customer wants, then the chances of their success increases. Polls are also beneficial in predicting the demand and help businesses better prepare themselves for the future.

Surveys are different from polls as they are often used for collecting useful information from people with the purpose of generalizing the result. It will help you to understand how the majority of the population thinks, wants, requires, and behaves. Surveys are known to provide significant sources of data and insights for almost everyone in the information business, from government and private organizations to media and academic institutions. For instance, various business houses and government organizations conduct surveys to understand different preferences people may have and how it impacts their experiences as customers or employees. Nowadays, technologies have replaced pen-paper surveys with online survey tools.

With online surveys, you get to answer different types of questions such as single choice, multiple-choice, and open-ended text.

When it comes to displaying or announcing the results, poll results are shown immediately because there is no need for in-depth analysis and the questions asked are also very few in number. But it is not so in the case of surveys, surveys require time to collect responses from all the participants. The collected results would then be analyzed by summing up all the responses together, to reach an ultimate conclusion. Hence, the results of the survey reports are published after some time.

Online polls or polls are used for collecting information based on just a single topic. Due to this reason, it becomes easier and quicker for the respondents to answer. Whereas if you consider surveys, then a single survey is used to collect information from the respondents on a wide range of topics and thus a survey requires a little more time from the participants. A survey may have a single subjective question or multiple questions covering different related topics, so it will definitely require more thought. Some survey questions would ask you to express things in your own words rather than just ticking one of five boxes. Besides this, just like the survey results need deep analysis, it requires professional help who would investigate the entire data and then simplify it for others to understand whereas, in polls, the answer can be directly shown on the screen without any deep analysis.


Well, now you have understood the difference between the survey and polls, so make use of them at the right place and in the right scenarios. Whether you can design online surveys or polls Polldeep can help you. It is an online platform that makes it easier for the users to design high-quality online polls which can be embedded in the website or shared on social media platforms to get useful insights quickly.

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