Is Race Equality Still in Progress Poll & know on this world day for social justice

Is Race Equality Still in Progress? Poll & know on this world day for social justice!

Today, whether it’s about gender or about nationality, giving equal rights to all the humans is important. Regardless of their religion, cast or nationality, giving equal rights to each and every individual is what we called social justice. According to … Read More

Are Governments Making Enough Efforts to Maximize the Involvement of Girls and Women in Scientific Research Poll to Know

Are Governments Making Enough Efforts to Maximize the Involvement of Girls and Women in Scientific Research? Poll to Know!

When it comes to scientific research, both men and women must be involved in it and government should make efforts to increase the involvement regardless of the genders. According to the online poll, today, women all across the world are … Read More

Poll TIme! What Are The Measures Adopted to Minimize Mother Languages Getting Endangered Around the Globe

Poll Time! What Are The Measures Adopted to Minimize Mother Languages Getting Endangered Around the Globe?

A language is considered as endangered if its probably going to end up in the coming years. Numerous languages are getting extinct and failing out of utilization and being supplanted by others that are all the more generally utilized in … Read More

What Actions Should be taken by the Global Leaders to Make Availablity of Nutritional Food to Every Human Being on the Planet? Poll to Know the Global Thoughts.

Nutritional food is important for each and every human to live a happy and healthy life. Tied up with the physical activities, the eating routine of an individual can assist with reaching and keeping up a good weight, decreasing the … Read More

What are the Measures Implemented by the Government of Developing Nations to Stop Female Infanticide? Poll and Analyze Data this International Day of the Girl Child.

The international day of the Girl Child is being celebrated on 11th of October since 2012 and this year i.e. in 2018, this day will be again celebrated. This is an important day for girls to bring out some serious … Read More

How will the Smart Cities Affect your Lifestyles and Habits? Poll & Know Impact on World Cities day This Year.

It is expected that in future, the smart cities will change the whole lifestyle and habits of people. Cities are developing quicker than the total populace. It is progressively challenging for huge and quickly developing urban communities to deal with … Read More

Why Should Global Leaders Follow “Gandhism” to Bring Global Peace and Prosperity? Poll this Year on the International Day of Non-Violence

Mahatma Gandhi was known as one of the most peaceful leaders over the globe due to his rules that he followed throughout his life. From his name the word “Gandhism” is came which is basically all about the ideas, inspirations … Read More

Have North Korea & US Really Agreed to Avoid Nuclear Jeopardy; Poll & Get the Views of People Around The Globe on International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

The international controversies are quite big nowadays. Each country has a different way of thinking and it is very difficult for everyone to agree with each other. Each one considers different ways to protect themselves and this may bring some … Read More

6 Ways Online Poll Authenticate Your PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations can easily be authenticated and can be made more effective by using online polls. These polls add some great value in presentations and make them look better than before. Below are 6 ways in which online poll authenticate … Read More

How Dubai Changed it’s Identity from Oil Rich Nation to a Tourism Rich Nation? Poll and Get Glimpse of It’s Tourism Vision of 2020 this World Tourism Day.

Since the discovery of oil, life has changed as we know it. Several areas of the planet could evolve thanks to this fossil fuel that radically changed the way of life. The economy was not the same again, especially when … Read More