What Should You Look For While Choosing An Online Polling Tool

Polls are important for your business as they are helpful in providing you great insight into the users that reach out to your website and understand how they are finding your products and services. But in order to get these insights, you must ensure that the polls are designed in the best way possible. The polls should have interesting questions and help in keeping your target audience engaged for a longer time. You can make use of polls to introduce new products, provide rewards points, and discounts.

So you must choose the right online polling tool if you wish to design a perfect poll that keeps your audience engaged and interested. The market is flooded with a wide range of online polling tools, and this is what makes it difficult to choose the best one. Well, but you need not worry anymore. Here are some of the important points that will help in making the right choice.

#1 The Online Polling Tool Must Have Flexible Design Approach:


Well, when you are designing an online poll, you would be looking forward to adding features that are important for you and your brand. So you should choose an online polling tool that will provide you with a wide range of design themes or templates. Moreover, the tool should be flexible enough to customize the themes according to your preferences such as background colors, text colors, font type and size, adding images, etc. If the online polling tool is providing you such a flexible designing approach, then you can consider it.

#2 You Must be Able To Share The Polls On Multiple Platforms:

When you are designing the polls, you vision it to reach the maximum target audience and get insightful data. In order to fulfill this requirement, the online polling tool you choose must be shareable on various social media platforms as well as end out via email services. In this way, you can wider your audience reach and ensure that you are getting high-quality information through the polls. You must be able to embed the polls on the website so that the users coming to your website can participate in it and engage with your brand.

#3 The Online Polling Tool Must Be Mobile Friendly:

The Online Polling Tool Must Be Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, people are more interested in making use of smart devices rather than switching on the desktop or laptop for every single purpose. Hence, it is essential to make sure that your questionnaire looks good not only on desktops but also on various smart devices such as tablets and smartphones. The polling tool you choose should be helpful in designing the polls that can be easily displayed on different smart devices without the need to scroll to view the questionnaire. A good online polling tool must allow you to customize the appearance of each type of device. The online polling tool you use must be able to recognize the device being used and adapt satisfactorily as an absolute minimum.

#4 The Online Polling Tool Must Allow You To Add Different Types Of Questionnaire:

While designing the polls, you might want to add some subjective questions or multiple choice questions, or sometimes you might want to go for the star rating. In such scenarios, you would need a tool that lets you add all the different types of questions according to your choices. When you are making use of different types of questions, you would be able to keep your users engaged for a longer time period.

#5 You Must Be Able to Store And Analyse The Data:

You Must Be Able to Store And Analyse The Data

Well, until now we discussed online polling tools by considering the target audience. Apart from that, the online polling tools must be designed in such a way that you are able to store the insightful data in the database and also analyze it perfectly.


Online polling tools or software are basically used to build and distribute digital surveys, polls, and/or questionnaires to large numbers of target audiences. Moreover, it is a great way to measure the effectiveness of the customer’s journey, enhance audience engagement, or gauge employee satisfaction. If you are facing any difficulty, you can make use of the above points to choose the best online polling platform.

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