10 Points Checklist To Create A Perfect Online Poll

You need to be very meticulous while designing an online poll. While designing an online survey, there is much more you need to involve and not mere questions that you would ask the target audience. There are multiple important factors that will influence your poll’s success in failure. Therefore, it is very essential to consider all the 10 points while you are designing an online poll. Keeping this ultimate checklist in mind will help you to ensure that you collect high-quality data that you can act on with confidence.

Have Clear Polling Objective:

Well, the key to designing a perfect online poll is to keep it short and engaging. The online poll must be capable enough to keep the users engaged for a long time. The type of question must be included where you can collect all the required information about the user. If you have a clear objective in mind, it would be easy for you to set up well-formatted questions as the ultimate goal is to gather information or feedback.

Make Use Of Right Words While Designing A Survey: Another important point that will influence the designing of your online poll is the mode through which the data is collected. In case, if you gather the information from users through phone or in-person, then you can observe the body language of the person and twist the questions to convey your message or the meaning of the question. In online polls, you have to make an impact on users with your words. Therefore, making use of the right words and questions will help you in designing a perfect online poll. In simple words, phrasing, color choice, and layout will all play major roles in how respondents interpret your questions. Their interpretations will influence your final data.

Impact Of The Survey Fatigue: If your target audience finds the survey questions boring and annoying, they become uninterested in continuing the survey and might abandon the surveys abruptly. Even asking too many questions can be really irritating. This will lead to ineffective or inaccurate results that may impact your ability to act on your collected data from an online poll. In short, to get better feedback from your audience or respondents the questions must be clear, concise, and interesting. Something that your respondent would love to answer.

Focus On The Choice Of Words: To create a perfect online poll or survey, it is important to make use of the right set of words. It is also considered as the most difficult part of the survey. You must ask questions that don’t sound complicated but helps in an easy collection of data through online polls. It should aim to remove the ability to explain your meaning or offer additional information and need to maintain a balance while asking questions. It should not irritate the respondent. 

Proper Order Of The Questions: You must remember that the order of questions will define the flow of the online polls. To create a perfect online poll, you must not jump from one topic to another. When you do this, it will confide the respondents and they might skip the question or leave the survey. Always test your surveys to identify any sort of inconsistencies.

Online Survey Question Formats: The point of concern is that no question is created equal. Each type of question is different and serves a different purpose and have different goals. For instance, some questions can be quantitative where the respondent will have a limited selection of responses to choose from. The secret is to understand each type and incorporate the right blend of quantitative and qualitative questions.

Online Polls – Accuracy Of The Answers

Generally, people don’t have a flawless memory. Irrespective of their intentions, respondents will not always be able to provide you with accurate information. You must use language that reflects how your respondents actually think and talk about the topic you’re asking about. It would be helpful in handling subjective matters easily.

Being Bias In Self Reported Behaviour: 

While designing an online poll questionnaire, you must ask questions about the measured behavior that is relevant to your respondents and capture their potential state of mind.

Make Sure You Put Up A Clear Question Structure

Survey questions have three distinct parts, and each must work in harmony with others to capture high-quality data. These three parts are the question stem, additional instructions, and response options. With the slightest mistake, you would end up with the wrong combination that can leave respondents confused about how to answer a question.

Proper Execution Of Survey Analysis Plan: It is necessary for you to understand that the type of information you request and the questionnaire you prepare must be based on thorough research. Moreover, it should take into consideration the analysis plan once the data is collected from the respondents.


The most important point to be considered while obtaining good data through a survey is to develop a good survey questionnaire. Whether you are conducting interviews or mailing out surveys or conducting online polls,  you need to know how to design a good survey questionnaire.

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