Best Way to Design a Matrix Question in Online Survey

So, you have finally finished your free poll and you have all the results you need. What’s next? Where you do go from there?

It is always an exciting thing to use an online polling tool to put together your survey, send this out and wait with eagerness for the responses. It becomes even more inspiring once you see that you managed to collect a lot of insightful and high quality information, thanks to the help of a survey creation tool.

However, these results will never have any use unless you communicate them to serve as a resource for all interested parties. For more people to see the real value of your survey results, below are some of the most ideal ways on how you can share them to the public.

Use a Blog Post to Share Results

One of the best ways to make the most out of the results you get from the survey you created using an online polling tool is through a blog post. A blog post is an ideal way to leverage the existing audience for your blog and present the main findings you got from your survey. For example, if you came up with an infographic, you can go ahead and embed this into your blog post to serve as a visual resource.

Create an Infographic for a Visual Presentation of Results

Can you still remember the last time you bothered to read an entire web page from top to bottom? It is found out that on average, site visitors only read about 28 percent of the text on an average visit. Many of these visitors only choose to scan the words on a page instead of actually spending time to read and digest every word. This is because those who are part of the online world are dealing with information overload.

If this is the case, how will you be able to make people more interested with the results you got from your survey just when there is an increased competition and rivalry for full attention? Experts recommend to visually present your data through an infographic in order to boost readership of your survey results by as much as 80 percent. Your audience is going to be more inclined to pay attention to visually appealing image instead of a black and white page filled with words.

Share Survey Results with Social Media

Everyone loves to share facts and details over social media. Just make sure that you direct visitors to a landing page before you share results through social media. In this context, the landing page is a web page which offers more details about your survey, like a blog post.

Share a Web Link

You can also share your survey results from the survey’s analyze section. It is a great choice if you want to share a quick summary of survey results and you like to control how public or private the results will be. The link that you will be sending out can update every 5 to 10 minutes, which means that those who received the link will have updated data.

Send Instant Results to Respondents

If you like to let your respondents check their responses and compare these with other respondents, you can also show them instant results of your survey. Through this, respondents will get real time summary of data collected once they completed your survey.

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