Best Way to Design a Matrix Question in Online Survey

You have decided to create survey online using the best survey software. Then, you have already sent out surveys to your potential respondents. However, the question is, how can you convert your potential respondents to complete online survey responses? Follow these methods to increase your lead gen online survey responses:

  • Optimize an Email Invitation

    Whenever you are inviting your respondents to take surveys through emails, there are ways on how you can optimize emails to ensure that your survey invitation is seen by the recipients. Make sure that the survey invitation reaches potential respondents. When creating email invitations, avoid using characters or words that have a potential that trigger spam alerts.

  • Simplify

    If possible, avoid using long lists of survey questions. Scrolling through the pages just wastes time and can be depressing for respondents, minimizing the likelihood that they’ll complete the survey. Try keeping the number of the questions at a place to make sure that the navigation buttons are kept in sight all the time.

  • Aim to Make a Good Impression

    Potential homebuyers make up their mind within the first eight seconds of walking through the front door. Website viewers decide whether or not to stay on the page in under three seconds. The same rules are applied to survey respondents. It is all about first impressions. If the potential respondent does not like what he sees right off the bat, he might lose interest without even reading your survey questions.

  • Consider Positive Reinforcement

    Even if some like to think that the respondents like to spend their time completing the surveys, the truth behind it is that most of the time, they might use a bit motivation. Offering incentives for completing surveys is a sure-fire way to boost the response rate of the lead gen online surveys.

  • Set Some Expectations

    The included information on the survey’s first page must clearly determine who the survey is from, what it’s for, and must set some clear expectations on how much time surveys are expected to take for them to be completed. Knowing the time required for a survey to be completed enables the respondents to schedule the time in completing the survey.

  • Make Everything Count

    Give your respondents a meaningful reason to finish the survey. Think about who’s responding to the surveys and establish your relationship right away. No matter who your respondents are, they are not going to give surveys a look, especially if they do not feel interested in your surveys in different ways.

  • Remind

    There are times that for every respondent needs to complete surveys, they have to be pushed a bit. Just because they did not respond to your surveys, it doesn’t mean that they did not want to. Sometimes, other people are just busy. So, it would be great if you would remind them.

  • Test

    Before making surveys live to potential respondents, see to it that you and some people test the surveys for flow, grammar, ease of use, and once you have included the conditions, test the possible logic ways. If you find it hard to take your own surveys, your respondents also feel the same way. Avoid survey abandonment and confusion by testing surveys always before you deploy them.

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