Survey and polling in modern era is one of the most effective tools for market researchers for business owners to gather quality data. With advent of online survey tools, it has become ever more convenient to gather data, quantitate, analyse and present it in a more effective way. This has led to creating more effective business model, market strategies and overall help in increasing customer satisfaction level.

Advantages of Polling in business

Polling is a great tool to measure and analyse customer satisfaction: Polling can help in measuring variety of aspect for a business, including attitude of consumer, behaviour and in general how consumer feel when they interact with a business’s product or service. Polling is a versatile tool to gather relevant information and plan your future business plan for expansion.

Polling helps in identifying potential area of growth: Customer polling is a great way to gain precious knowledge and read current market situation. Information revealed by customer can help you positively tweak organization’s policies and create a positive impression in customer’s mind

Creates a communication Channel: Perhaps the single most important thing that a polling or survey does is open the floodgates to communication with your customer. These polling can be a great outlet for customers to voice their opinion and communicate what they like and dislike about the business. When customer feels that they are being heard and actions are being taken based on their recommendation, this helps in increasing brand loyalty.

Some good aspect of Polling at business workplace is given below:

Polling can be used to boost morale: When you are conducting polling within a workplace, you are essentially sending out a message to your employees that you care about their opinion. Employees will have the confidence that their opinion is being heard and they matter in the business’s decision making process. This increases loyalty and decreases attrition in the business.

You get new ideas when you conduct polling: By conduction well directed and focused polling with your employees, you might even stumble upon a new business idea or a concept which can help your business propel in right direction. An employee who is shy can also voice his or her opinion more clearly and comfortably.

Looking at the advantages above, not actively pursuing polling /surveys for your business benefit is almost a crime in today’s day and age. Online polling specially has a very minimal cost associated per polling participant and advantages can be manifold. Even if the company decides to provide some incentives for research, the cost per participant is less than managing and running a focus group, which may include several costs such as phone cost, transportation cost and manpower. It is highly recommended that businesses engage themselves frequently into polling exercise and make sure that they have the pulse of the market and its consumers. Also business should not ignore internal surveys within organization. As listed above taking opinion of employee’s increases satisfaction level among the workforce; and a happy employee ultimately leads to a happy customer.

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