Ask PollDeep How to Get the Most From Your Blog Survey

You might be conducting numerous blog surveys but not getting effective results out of it. Generally, blog surveys are created or designed to get the most out of it (information/insights). Blogs surveys are considered best in gathering valuable information that will help you to drive the blog forward. And also, promote your website. But before you know how to get most out of your blog surveys, it is essential to understand why these surveys are so important. Do you think these surveys will help in growing your blog?

Why Blog Surveys Are So Important?

With properly designed blog surveys, you would be able to get honest as well as instant feedback directly from your readers and subscribers. Conducting a blog survey is a better option rather than assuming what your audience wants. The surveys will help you to know what they exactly want to see or read or what they are not interested in. Your blog surveys will help you in discovering:

  • What percentage of your target audience is actually reading the blog?
  • What content do people like to read?
  • What kind of issues do they have with the blog (content/images/layouts)?
  • What type of products or services they are interested in?
  • Getting suggestions for improvement from your target audience. (It will help you in content delivery or blog design)

Getting such insightful feedback from your audience will help in identifying as well as fixing the problems. Moreover, it would be extremely helpful in growing in areas you might not have considered.

Polldeep’s Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Blog Surveys!

Have Clearly Defined Survey Goals For Your Blog Survey:

The most important step while designing a blog survey is to come up with properly defined goals for your survey. Without proper goals, the survey would become directionless and you will end up confusing your readers. It happens due to a lack of focus. So make it clear to respondents, precisely what information you want.

1Some important goals suggested by Polldeep include:

  • Getting feedback on a recent event
  • Finding out demographics about your readers
  • Surveys should discover levels of interest of your target audience

You Must Keep Your Blog Surveys Concise: Once you have finalized your goals for a blog survey, the next thing to make sure is that your blog surveys must be short. It should take your reader’s much time. If the surveys are time-consuming, the respondent would easily get bored and are likely to abandon it. Dragging the blog surveys unnecessary becomes meaningless. You keep your audience engaged, you must offer some participation rewards in the end. To get better feedback, you must ensure that there is a 100% respondents rate.

You Must Make Use Of Simple Language With Minimal Jargon:

Using simple language is helpful for the respondents of the blog survey. The readers do not have enough time to spend trying to understand the hidden meaning. While avoiding complexity, you must also see to it that you are not using an industry-related jargon. Keep the language simple and to the point.

Always Limit The Response Options: Do not give more than three choices to the respondents. The more choices you give the less likely they are to make one. Various studies have shown that the time it takes for an individual to make a decision is directly proportional to the possible choices he or she has. Therefore, it is important to limit people’s response rate. It will help in gaining accurate answers to your questions.

You Must Put In Extra Efforts To Promote Your Blog Surveys: When you promote the blog surveys on different platforms, you would be able to reach maximum people and get useful insights. By promoting your blog surveys, you would let your audience know that you need their help in getting proper feedback.

Blog: Make sure you write a blog post that outlines the reasons for running your blog survey.

Email: Sending emails to your subscribers and audience is the best way to gain feedback instantly. You must ensure that the body of the email itself should tell people why you’re doing the survey and, most importantly, let them know how valuable their input is.

Social Media: You can post on various social media platforms depending on the survey topic and the respondents you want.


Blog surveys are powerful tools that various businesses and market researchers use to gather data. It helps in formulating strategies that are beneficial for creating effective business models, creating targeted marketing strategies, enhancing customer service, and much more. If executed correctly, blog survey insights can benefit market researchers with reliable and usable data, and improve research ROI.

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