Experienced market researchers who run complex projects may throw around sophisticated survey terms, yet others who don’t have a clue about their field need a little help. If you are dealing with an online survey or any type of survey, here the basic terms you should know:

  • Accessible

    Accessible surveys are not just designed intuitively, but they are also created in accordance to Section 508 accessibility guidelines. Such guidelines are made to ensure that the Federal agencies make their EIT or electronic and information technology accessible to people of levels of physical ability. They have been adapted by several software companies.

    Once the survey is accessible, it actually works the same for respondents with the use of speech to text software, keyboard navigability or screen readers as it does for those who responded in a more traditional way. To meet such requirements, you will have to be mindful of the question fonts, types, interactions, and alt text.

  • Bias

    There are different types of bias related to data collection and surveys, yet the 2 most relevant to everyone are non-response and response bias. Response bias is the skewing of data because of quality questions asked or the responses collected. Always take note about the wording of a question in fact only, neutral fashion may enhance the quality of the data you will collect.

    Non-response bias, on the other hand, is the kind of survey bias that’s related to the sample of the respondents instead of the way the question is structured. For instance, if the goal of the survey is to accurate samples of population to learn about color preferences, you’d try to target the perfect cross-section of population to acquire accurate data. Surveying the right and important sample relative to research goals is crucial to avoid non-response bias.

  • Cross tab Data Analysis

    Cross tabulation analysis is also called cross tab, which is frequently used by the market researchers to show relation between 2 different variables. The value of this data analysis is being able to determine correlation between the variables that couldn’t be apparent when viewing the whole data set.

    Cross tab reports allow you to cross tabulate 2 questions, one on vertical axis and the other one is on horizontal axis. You may use cross tabs in analyzing what’s driving survey results through examining patterns and trends.

  • Panel

    In the world of research, a panel is not really far from its standard definition. The survey panels are a collection of individuals who indicated willingness to take surveys. They are paid for their effort and time and the organization that helps with the distribution of the survey to their panel audience also requires a charge to access the audience.

    Panel companies collect tons of data regarding their panelists, so you can be specific about the kind of people who like to take surveys. If the hypothetical website was made to attract the middle-aged men with families, you can quickly target such respondents with a panel.

Knowing these basic survey terms will help you understand more about an online survey. Just remember that asking the right question to the right person at the right time can only give you the right result.PollDeep, the ultimate online poll creator can help you design and conduct the most relevant poll for your business. With latest features and technology, PollDeep has everything which makes it a strong and comprehensive poll creator. So trust your intuition and conduct an online poll, your business will never be the same again.

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