Best Wordpress Poll Plugin To Increase Your Onsite Engagement

While WordPress comes with a number of powerful features, still integrating an external poll plugin can enhance the site functionality and onsite engagement. An external poll plugin creates a poll on your website or blog page, making it more interactive to build engagement with the visitors.

If you want to boost your online sales, increase customer activity, or drive more traffic to your site, and embedding an online survey or online poll on your page is a great way to captivate your users’ mind.

The web is a deep ocean of thousands of WordPress plugins for poll creation. With plenty of options out there, you’ll probably get overwhelmed and face difficulty in selecting the right plugin.

To make it easier for you, here is a curated list of some best WordPress poll plugins that must be integrated to attract users on your site. We have created this list with extensive research and so as to save your time and money on researching.

Each plugin mentioned below are both free and paid having different features, functionality and polling options.

Democracy Poll

If you are looking for a free and simple poll plugin for WordPress, then democracy poll is the best option. It enables you to create single or multiple polls, set start and end date, and more.

The poll plugin is compatible with the majority of caching plugins. Unlike other plugins, it is lightweight and has a fast performance. Democracy polls provide good customization features such as changing buttons or CSS style, AJAX loader or adding custom color. 

No doubt it is an amazing tool, still it has some drawbacks like limited customization options, lacks advanced polling features and stats shown are also restricted.

Responsive Poll

Another poll plugin you can use on your website is responsive ballot. Like others, it makes simple and beautiful polls for your website. You can create multiple polls and then display them on the same page.

It is a fully responsive website that has provision to add images, add start-end date in polls and customize poll designs. It comes with 18 free poll themes.

Responsive poll offers both free and paid versions. With a free responsive poll plugin you will get limited features, that means you have to upgrade to their premium plan to unlock all the features.


Crowdsignal provides versatile ways to add polls in WordPress that make it one of the hottest WordPress poll plugins out there. It also brings in premium plans for online polls. 

Essential features include a number of polling options, interactive designs, time/date option ending poll and many more. With Crowdsignal you are able to show the polling results anyplace on your website, even on other WordPress sites.

It’s a free WordPress plugin that also supports key in filters to limit the users from filling up numerous responses. In fact, you can share your surveys via email to your audience.


PollDeep is a benchmark for all the polling tools available on the internet. You can improve your website interactivity by embedding the free WordPress plugin of PollDeep.

The plugin lets you create, edit, view, analyze and open or close the poll. But the notable feature is embracing your WordPress website to manage all poll functionalities rather than from their site. 

It has a number of customization options to build your user engagement. The best part about it is that you can share your polls via social media or emails to get more feedback from your audience.

By downloading this plugin you are in the position of giving your visitor the best experience.

Why Polldeep WordPress Plugin Is Better?

As compared to other poll plugins the Polldeep plugin is far better in terms of flexibility, performance, usability and showing statistical results. It has immense powerful features to drive in more traffic and engagement on your site. It empowers you to know the voter’s location, gender and age of voter and their opinions. Even you can dig deeper into it by using custom analysis features available in its premium plan.

Most intriguing aspect of online polling is to manage your polls and keep a record of the data gathered from polls. In regards to that, PollDeep dashboard feature enables you to manage your polls quickly and easily. These unique and compelling features make it stand out from others. 


After reading this article, you may have decided the right WordPress poll plugin for your website. Either it is free or paid, all these plugins are easy for creating polls on your website for engagement that can lead to more traffic and revenue. 

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