Boost Your Website Engagement Using Polls

Are you experiencing a good amount of website traffic but a fall in user engagement? Maybe your site is optimized for search engines, not for the users.

Let’s make it more clear. Imagine you own a cafeteria in a big mall where thousands of customer visits daily. They step in your cafe and leave without having any meal as your menu doesn’t attract them. This is counted as a failure. To boost your sales, you have to engage your users. The same applies to the digital world.

Gone are the days when website’s were treated as business cards. They’ve now become your most important source for sales. Your site should address your customer and make them explore the products and services offering. A good website provides a great user experience to their audience.

How to leverage your website engagement?

That leads to our most important question– How to engage more customers? What you just said? SEO?? Your best seo practices or pay per click ads can only bring new customers for your website. But to get active users you have to generate an interest of self-engagement with your audience. Poor UX or lack of great content are the cause of high bounce rate which you might be experiencing now.

What is the solution?

Make an interactive poll on your website that will ultimately enhance user participation and an increase in conversion rate. You can also enhance user experience with other forms of interactive content.But, the poll is much more easy to use and effectively appeals to a larger audience.

Your poll should speak to your audience.

How to create a poll on your website?

You need some html coding and designing to make an online poll. Are you frightened enough? Worry not, you don’t need to hassle for coding as we have got a free poll maker for you. The poll maker makes it easy for you to make an interactive and highly compelling poll. For that reason your competitors website uses polls.

Only 3 steps and your sales booster is ready:

1. Create poll that matches your brand
2. Share the poll on your web page & social media
3. Analyze and track its performance

Isn’t that so easy? Not a tedious task and the best way to engage your audience. In fact, you will end up creating an unique and attractive poll before your coffee gets finished. What Polldeep offers is the plugin for wordpress sites. This polldeep plugin helps you create, design, analyze the poll and manage functionalities from your own website. You have total control on your polls. That sounds exciting!

How polls enhance your website performance?

Polling is not only getting audience views about any specifics. You can gather much more information on customer behaviour from it.

Keeps your content fresh – For most websites it is difficult to publish new content on their website regularly. The new users will leave as there is nothing new on your website. The poll can help you in adding new content on your site. Add something new on your website using a poll maker that will retain all your incoming visitors.

Generate more leads – When your site is getting more engagement your chances of getting more leads to increase sales. You can achieve this with help of online polls on your website. Like you can add a lead magnet, say contact form along with polls. The users won’t mind sharing contact details if they find something interesting.

Get instant feedback – Polling is considered to be the best feedback tool. Why? You create a long questionnaire or online survey form to get reviews. Chances are that users will skip it but with interactive polls you can grab their attention. Their opinions on new products, or services is the road to plan your future business plans.

Brings social traffic to your site – Your poll not only lives on your site. It can be shared to social media where you can target a larger audience. By embedding polls on social platforms you can get more traffic and social shares. This helps in reaching out new prospects and gaining more sales.


Polling is the easiest and effective tactics to be used in boosting website engagement. Smartest technique to gain audience insights and build more leads. Thanks to the poll maker that makes polling easy and provides instant results. No matter if you are a website designer or not. The poll maker will guide you through the entire process from creating to deploying your poll.

How polling has helped you? Did you get new users or qualified leads? Let us know in the comment section.

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