“What do my customers want?” is probably the most common question for any company or business organization. You are not a mind reader neither there is a crystal ball that will tell you what your customers want. But to grow a business one needs to know his customers’ expectations and need. So what does he do? The answer is simple(and obvious) than you think: ask them.

In technological term “surveys” and “polls” is the easiest way to get in tune with your customers. Surveys have given businesses a new standard as it makes marketing more relevant because your customers get the chance to share their perspectives. Engaged and interested customers are more likely to stick around longer and spread the word about you. New tools and the use of online poll creator sites like Survey Monkey, PollDeep etc. have made getting the answers to the basic questions easier than ever. The business has grown nowadays using wise tactics for collecting feedbacks from the customers.


These are some of the strategies they follow while creating polls:

Take a quick pulse with a poll:

Customers are more engaged with other persons works nowadays. So taking a quick one minute question round makes it easier at both the ends to ask a specific question.

Get blog topic ideas:

They create poll asking which blog topics their audience is interested in and link it to the Facebook page or twitter account. Creating a content your audience wants to read – will bring lot of attention from them.

Use polls and strategies as social media content:

Who doesn’t like to regularly update their Twitter and Facebook Page. A short survey or poll makes fast, easy content. These polls enable to find out what kind of information their customers want to see on their social pages in future.

Segmenting the list:

Segmenting the list, helps one to reach the right audience with the right message. The right message is the one that fits that particular audience’s needs, and who better knows their needs than the audience itself? Create a poll to your email newsletter and list them according to different categories like product, industry, program etc. to better target communications. You can develop a good rapport with the audience by getting adequate feedbacks.

Plan the events the customers are looking for:

Planning an event is a big deal, especially when you’re a non-profit that lies on events to raise the funds you need to grow your business. Before investing time and money into planning an event, create a poll asking what kind of event they’d like to attend and give them some options.

Get competitive:

Use surveys to hosts contests on Facebook or your website. Come up with a cool idea like “Best Photograph of the Month” – and let your audience have their opinions.

Keep it fun:

Every poll need not be created with an intent of answering a serious question. After all you don’t want your audience to feel they are recipients of one-sided communication. A poll with a more casual question – “What you think of the latest released Avengers movie? ” grabs a lot of attention and fun to the conversation.

Polling your customers and prospects has become a near-imperative business tactic. It is a valuable way of gathering data on the market and your future sales target. All the business competitors are doing it, their intelligence is increasing because of it. Various tools and vendors in the market have made polls and surveys available to many businesses, from large corporation to entrepreneurs. Whether you work for some company or for yourself, setting up polls properly, following the best practices and strategies you can ensure your business to grow. Follow the advice outlined here and your business will be in good shape from start to finish.

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