Conduct Online Poll To Learn Intresting Ideas To Celebrate International Peace Day!

International Peace Day is around the corner and people are quite excited about celebrating it in a grand way. They have been sharing lots of ideas regarding the celebration among their groups. So how will you come to know about these amazing ideas? Online Polls or surveys would be the best way to collect data that would help in analyzing different ideas.

International Peace Day: In the year 1982, 21st September was officially declared as the International Peace Day by the United Nations General Assembly. This was done in order to strengthen the ideas of world peace. Since that day, people around the world have been celebrating it in different ways to spread the message of peace.

Different people have taken up different ways to celebrate this day. School students celebrate it differently, youngsters have different approaches towards it, and elderly people have their own notion of International Peace Day. So let’s check how they have planned to do it this year.

#1 A Quick Polls – Shows That Teachers Would Be Educating Children About International Peace Day:

Online polls conducted in various schools shows that almost 80% of the teachers have come together to educate underprivileged children about the international peace day. They have made drawings and posters explaining the significance of this day. Out of this, 23% of the teachers were happy to know that parents are also supporting them in taking this initiative. They have taken it as an opportunity to instill the idea of peace within children.

#2 Poll Results Reflected Team Building Spirit Among Office Workers:

A small survey conducted in various workspaces and organizations showed that 46% of the workers/employees/office staff would come together and perform some activities in order to display peaceful team-building efforts. Moreover, it would be helpful for others to understand that people from different educational backgrounds, different organizations can easily collaborate and perform various tasks peacefully. Whereas 54% of the respondents would be happy to learn from them and would volunteer in those activities. Team-building activities would be performed to spread the message of peaceful collaboration, and a positive attitude.

#3 Contribution Of Senior Citizens For Celebrating International Peace Day – Poll Analysis:

Besides young people and students, this year, elderly people have also come forwards and participated in the online polls. It was a multiple-choice question poll, which was easy for the elderly people to provide their answers. The results showed that 33% of the respondents would light a candle in the honor of International Peace Day whereas 22% of people have shown interest in taking their grandchildren to nature parks but ensuring the safety with following the guidelines, and the rest of them have planned to celebrate the day by meditating for a few hours collectively.

#4 Learning About The History Of The International Peace Day:

There are some people who participated in the open-ended questionnaire. Through which it was analyzed that they had planned to celebrate the International Peace Day by organizing virtual events where the history of this day would be illuminated. It would help people to understand the significance of this day and how to maintain peace among others. Various NGOs would be coming forward to support the event and spread the message of peace.

Besides these prominent ideas of celebrating the International Peace Day, people have their own plans to take a break from routine life and spend quality time with orphanage kids and old age homes. They would be distributing food packets and clothes as a gesture of love and peace.

Whenever you wish to collect data from thousands of people, online polls and surveys are considered the best. Polldeep, as recommended by experts, helps in designing polls easily. They have some templates which can be used directly. If you do not want to have pre-defined templates, then you can design a customized look to your online surveys. With Polldeep, you collect authentic data and even display the analyzed results in the form of bar graphs, charts, and numerical data sheets.


International Peace Day is officially a public holiday and the intent behind celebrating this day is to instill the feeling of peace in every individual, organization, and nation. With time, people have embraced different activities to celebrate this day, but the message they want to convey to these activities is the same – Peace!

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