Create Your Poll In 3 Easy Steps With PollDeep

Online polls and surveys are improving at a fast pace. They are able to quickly adapt to technological changes and make it easy for people to provide feedback. These online poll makers are making the entire process hassle-free. The online poll creators easily create polls and the respondents are able to provide answers or feedback easily. You can use online polls everywhere, right from professional surveys, polls on social media to information polls. They are considered as a powerful marketing tool that engages the online audience and provides instant feedback to various business houses.

In case, if you think that creating online polls are difficult, then understand that it is not. Online polls provide innumerable benefits to small businesses and also to the big corporates. Along with providing instant feedback to the companies, they also keep the customers engaged with the company’s brand. Let’s learn how to create online polls in 3 easy steps with Polldeep.

#1 Step One – Create your Poll:

Polldeep provides you with a high-tech dashboard that has essential features for a person to get started with creating polls. You can create different types of online polls, add optional gender, age brackets, and different map charts. You can try out different features to change the look of it, to suit your style and brand.

You can add questions, change themes of the layout, and customize it according to your company’s brand image. You can add multiple-choice questions and finally preview it. A preview is a good option as you would get an idea of how your designed online poll would look like. There is no requirement of having knowledge of coding as Polldeep dashboard is very and interactive. Anyone can easily create and design the polls.

#2 Step Two – Share it:

Every business owner needs this. Polldeep provides easy sharing options, which means you can share the online polls on different social media sites, or embed it in your own website/blog, or also send it via email. It is absolutely versatile. By sharing online polls on different platforms, you can gain instant feedback from different platforms. Moreover, there is no requirement for the respondents to provide answers instantly, They can take their time and answer the polls as and when required.

#3 Step Two – Analyse it:

As soon as the respondent provides their feedback, the online poll maker – Polldeep will automatically create beautiful charts and data graphs that will help you in analyzing the trends of the businesses and recognize the similarities and differences in the feedback. The results of the online polls help in determining how survey questions should be measured and what statistical analysis should be performed. You can understand the quantitative as well as the qualitative aspect of the instant result.

Once you have assured that you have collected all the statistical survey results and have made various data analysis plans, it’s time to actually start processing the data. You must analyze and calculate the survey results that you have got. You must start the work by looking at the answers and focus on drawing conclusions that will help in making better decisions.


Obtaining customer feedback is difficult. A surveyor must focus on the fact that there is a need for a strong set of survey questions that can effectively derive customer insights. Moreover, it is also essential to focus on the distribution system that shares the survey with the right customers at the right time. Over the past decade, the use of online polls has skyrocketed. They are considered the best tool to generate instant feedback, which makes it easy for companies to make difficult decisions. Well, it is all because of the technological advances that you can now conduct research for a fraction of the cost and time. This makes collecting data easier than ever and better for everyone. People across the world use online surveys to get quick feedback. They’re stress-free for everyone, which is great.

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