Embed a Poll in Your Website with PollDeep WordPress Plugin

Online Polls are gaining popularity nowadays. You can see almost all the websites are making use of online polling platforms as they are a great way to engage your community!

Besides this, online polls are a way in which you can estimate public opinion, especially the visitors who are coming to your website. It could also be a great way for companies to assess probable public reaction to a planned action or product. Online polls are useful in various ways.

Online Polls Are Extremely Fast

Online Polls Are Extremely Fast:

If you consider the traditional method of polling with the advanced methods, then you would require a shorter time span to complete the poll questions. Another important aspect of online polls is that as the information is collected automatically, the analysis of the results becomes quick.

Online Polls Provides Higher Accuracy Levels:

As compared to the traditional polling system, the level of errors has reduced drastically. This is due to the fact that the respondents provide their opinion to the system itself, so there is no probability of human errors.

Online Polls are extremely easy to use for the participants

Online Polls are extremely easy to use for the participants:

Nowadays, almost everyone makes use of smart devices and has access to internet facilities. So the participants or the respondents can easily answer through their smart devices instead of making use of pen and paper. Moreover, the respondents can easily pick a time that they find convenient.

So if you have a website and wish to analyze how your visitors are reacting to the landing pages, new product launch, customer service, or any other feature, you can just embed the polls in the website and gain insightful data/information.

PollDeep is the best online platform that will help you to design online polls as well as you can embed the polls on your WordPress website or share it on a wide range of social media platforms, for example, Facebook and Twitter.

If you have a WordPress website, then embedding online polls on the website becomes extremely easy. PollDeep provides a highly integrated plugin that will help you in designing, viewing, analyzing, deleting the polls as per your preferences. Moreover, you can easily manage all poll functionalities from your own website rather than from the PollDeep site. This will increase the level of convenience which is not provided by any other online polling platform.

You can start designing the polls just by downloading and installing the PollDeep online plugin. You will get a dashboard where you can design the polls by making use of all the features provided. You can add subjective or multiple-choice questions. You can easily add gender, or age bracket, or map charts, and change the look of it to suit your style and brand. Besides this, you can use the pre-defined templates or quick creation.

If you want to add different fields or increase the number of questions, it can be done easily. You can change the look of the poll by changing the background color, adding the brand logo, and giving a completely customized look. Once you have completed designing, you can preview the entire polls which will help you to visualize the polls just the way it will appear to the users. While previewing, you can change the things that you do not find appropriate before publishing it.

The best aspect of making use of the PollDeep WordPress plugin is that you will not have to run to the website again and again. Not just the creation but analysis of the feedbacks and generating reports can also be accomplished with the embedded plugin. When you are analyzing results, you can convert the collected data into charts and graphs and then discover the trend in the market and understand what your respondents are expecting from your business.


Online polling platforms have made it quite convenient for the business to conduct polls and also made it easier for the participants to provide their answers. Just one click and the data get stored in the database, which could be used to analyze the latest trends. Moreover, there would be no errors while collecting the answers or while analyzing it as everything is done automatically. There are various online polling platforms, but if you want to get the desired results, it is always better to use the best one.

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