Well the adage “A failure to plan is a plan to fail”, is certainly true in business decision making. But a plan based entirely on guesses, hunches and gut feelings will also not serve your purpose. A plan which is based on concrete facts and data is more likely to bring the required result. One of the most important and significant ways of gathering this data is through an online survey/poll. A well-designed and well-executed online poll can give you enough insight for an efficient and effective decision-making.

There are different types of online polls which can be conducted to help you with decision-making. Some of the major online polls which can be conducted are:

Online Poll on Customer Satisfaction
One of the most uses of an online poll is on the customer’s satisfaction quotient. Customers, being the focal point around which the business revolves, gives you enough feedback to assist with your decision-making. A customer satisfaction online poll can help you with knowing the reasons of your customer unhappiness. A strategy can be designed accordingly to transform these unhappy customers into happy and loyal customers. Correct implementation of any new process or procedure based on data collected through an online poll can transform both your service and company brand.

Online Poll on Pricing
There is nothing more comparable than the price of your competitors. A proper online poll can help you with determining the right price in the competitive market. While launching a new product, a pricing online poll can help you determine the right rate to charge customers. Along with the price fixation, you can also decide on whether to give discounts and special offers. A pricing online poll will help you determine a better and competitive pricing policy for your products.

Online Poll on Product
An online poll on product will help you with getting an idea regarding the expectations of the customers. It would be such a big help to channelize all your production process according to the data collected from respondents. Research & Development is a costly affair and knowing your customer’s expectation will make it a much more cost-effective process. An online product poll is beneficial in reducing your cost of production.

Online Poll on Industry
It is always advisable to have a clear idea regarding the industry you want to be a part of. Through an online industry poll you can get enough insights about the kind of market conditions you are going to compete in. The kind of market hold your competitors are having, their strength and weakness. You will get to know where, how and when to enter the market in order to reap the maximum profits.

Just remember that asking the right question to the right person at the right time can only give you the right result. Poll Deep, the ultimate online poll creator, can help you design and conduct the most relevant poll for your business. With the latest features and technology, Poll Deep has everything which makes it a strong and comprehensive poll creator. So trust your intuition and conduct an online poll, your business will never be the same again.

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