Business polls are basically public surveys carried out in a carefully selected sample, mostly the target market of your business. They are used to determine and assess your customers’ needs and changing preferences. Keeping the customers happy and satisfied should be the main aim of any business. Happy customers mean high sales, higher profits and a good brand image. Unless you know what your customers think about your product or service, it would be very difficult to survive in such a competitive environment.

Business polls are more attractive:

Since polls are picturesque representations they are far more appealing to the general public than written data. Customers will be more interested in going over graphs or charts (where a quick glance can give you a sufficient picture of a business) rather than reading long reports. For instance, a business can develop a poll of the number of sales they make annually rather than writing a two page report.

Bandwagon Effect:

Moreover, polls have a tendency of influencing customer behavior, known as bandwagon/underdog effects. So if the general public sees that a product is doing well in the market, they will be more inclined to try it out and experiment with it.

Motivating Employees:

Similarly, business polls can affect the employees as well. They can see the results of their efforts which could act as a motivational tool. Every employee likes to see the fruits of his/her labor. So when they see that their customers are happy, they will double their efforts and leave no stone unturned to keep them that way.

Reaching out:

Every business struggles to reach a large number of audiences and get their message across domestically as well as in the international markets and business polls allow you to do that.

Honest feedback:

Studies show that people are most honest in front of a computer screen, so by getting feedback online, customers will be more inclined to be truthful and their answers will not be influenced by your presence.

Easy Analysis:

Business polls are an easy way of analyzing your data and creating reports. Business polls created online not only show you what is the most and least popular, but new features available online will allow you to dig deeper in the customer’s personal life; their age, gender, employment etc. making your findings more accurate. By, analyzing the results of the polls businesses can answer questions such as why the customers are acting in a certain manner, what might change their behavior, what marketing strategies would be more useful in further promoting their product and what sort of advertisement should be used? These help in modifying your product according to the changing preferences.

Easy Comparison:

For businesses operating internationally, it could be very useful to compare consumer data between two countries; a product might be more successful in India than in Pakistan or vice versa. Or for instance, people of the same age group might respond differently to a product based on cultural and religious factors.

Business polls are not only research tools but can also be used as an effective marketing technique and a motivational tool for the employees as discussed above.

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