How Many Questions Should You Ask in an Online Poll

Online Poll have become an indispensable part of business decision-making. Designing an effective online survey is very important for getting meaningful results from the respondents. Being a business-owner you should make sure that right set of questions is asked from the audience. Neither you should go for a short questionnaire nor you should go for a very long online survey.

You should always be sure about the number and the kind of questions you want to ask from your participants. There are a few important things which you should keep in mind before finalizing the questions in your online poll.

1. Stay Focused on One Objective

Set a predefined goal in your mind before finalizing your questions in an online survey. Always go for a set objective as it will help you to determine the length of the poll. Instead of going for a vague objective, set an objective which is more focussed. Your respondents will answer to your questions if they find it short, specific and relevant. Going for complicated questions will lead to confusion among your respondents.

2. Customer’s Time is Important

Your participants will not invest more time if they find your survey time consuming. Make sure that you are giving due importance to the time of respondents. Keep your survey short so that it does not take more than 5 minutes of your participants. Generally you should not go for more than 10 questions in your online poll to save time of your audience. However, you can increase the number of question but make sure that it is not too lengthy to answer.

3. Wording should be Simple

Keep the wording of your survey simple so that your respondents can understand it easily. Do not use complicated language as it would lead to the wastage of your participants precious time. Keep your questions clear and to the point so that your audience does not have to read it again. Try to club the similar kind of questions under one head to make it simpler for participants. Simple words will make your online poll a comforting experience for your esteemed customers.

4. Multiple Surveys can be Useful

There will be a lot of instances when you will have to go for follow-up survey to authenticate the results gathered in the initial surveys. Do not over-stuff questions in the initial online poll to avoid conducting multiple other surveys. Your objective should be to facilitate your participants in answering the questions without bothering them too much. Multiple surveys can help you in getting the maximum and the most reliable information from your respondents.

Just set the objective of your online survey very clear and you will surely be able to limit the number of questions in your poll. PollDeep, the most comprehensive free online poll creator has all the latest features which makes the entire process of polling a much easier and comforting task. It gives you the freedom of formulating your questionnaire according to your business need and market situation. Go for it to conduct poll/survey and help your business to speak its own success story.

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