How Smartphones Have Evolved Our Lives In The Past 10 Years!

Mobile phones and smartphones were started as a means of communication and today, they have become an integral part of human lives. It has become a preferred mode of entertainment, e-commerce, reading, social networking, information gathering, photo, or video graphing for the users. In a survey, it was found that commonly a user checks his/her smartphone at least 150 times a day. Now, this you can consider as a testament to the evolution of smartphones into multi-purpose, ultra-utilitarian devices.


Smartphones Revolutionized Society in Less Than a Decade

Do you think someone born in this digital era would ever bother to memorize the phone numbers or unfold a map to determine the best driving route? Will they grow up to be smarter because their mind is no longer cluttered with mundane facts and the processes technology can do for us?

No doubt the smartphone technology has yielded immense benefits for the society

  • Easy communication
  • Make use of social networking
  • Allows people to follow up with bank transactions
  • Enable of GPS tracking to pinpoint the user

And many other benefits that help us to make the routine lives simpler such as there are apps available for smartphone users to monitor how much they’re walking during the day and how well they’re sleeping at night. There are more than 1 billion users of smartphones across the globe, some 2 million apps available in the Google And Apple market. This numerical data shows how tremendously people have adopted smartphones.

People generally use smartphones to read news feeds, post status updates, read & reply to messages and post photos. Moreover, this also shows that people are leaving PCs and moving towards Smartphones.

How Smartphones Have Evolved Businesses:

Smartphones make it easy for new businesses to create new dimensions. Smartphones have promoted not only the smartphone vendors or internet providers or app companies but a wide range of businesses such as e-commerce, real-estate health sectors, the education sector, and many more. Generally, major business houses make use of smartphones to get instant feedback from online polls and surveys. This feedback helps in taking important business decisions


Smartphones Have Evolved The Educational Sector: Smartphones are considered to provide a unique way to improve the quality of education. With the emergence of the internet, smartphones have become an integral part of every student’s life. There are various applications and websites that provide online education in the form of video lectures. With the outbreak of COVID-19, students and teachers were not allowed to attend schools and asked to stay at home. In such scenarios smartphones have helped students to accomplish short term goals by attending online classes. In short, the Internet together with Smartphones – provides an alternative channel to deliver education services and distance education.

Smartphones In The Health Sector:

According to several survey reports, more than 10 million users in the USA use smartphones to search for health information and facilities. Out of these 10 million, almost 27% of the users use smartphones for making online appointments, checking reviews, consulting doctors online. Today, you can see that there are several apps to manage prescriptions, promote alternative treatment options, provide price comparison, and validate prescriptions. These applications are also available to track exercise, diet, and blood pressure–enabling smartphones to play a key role in the health sector.

Smartphones And Its Impact On Social Life Of People/ Society: It is a well-known fact, how social life has been changed drastically with the introduction of smartphones. People can be in constant touch with each other through various social media sites. The smart use of Smartphones increases your brain’s functioning, helping to stay active. So, it must be understood that instead of using smartphones only for entertainment, you could use it to access useful information, for instance, access to the news headlines, latest technology updates, and more.



Over the past 10 years, smartphones have revolutionized our lives in ways that go well beyond how we communicate. Besides calling, texting, and emailing, more than two billion people around the world now use these devices to navigate, to book cab rides, to compare product reviews and prices, to follow the news, to watch movies, to listen to music, to play video games, to memorialize vacations, and, not least of all, to participate in social media.

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