How to Engage Your Audience Using Surveys

What comes to your mind when you think of online surveys and polls? Well, you might be thinking of the customer satisfaction survey you send out from time to time. It is the most common application of online surveys. But if you design it efficiently, it has so much potential to keep your audience engaged in your brand or company.

Online surveys are considered an easy way to improve the communications you’re already doing such as email newsletters, content on your Facebook page, Instagram account etc. Online surveys are a way to get insights on the basis of which you can make better business decisions, retain your old customers, and generate new customers. These things heavily depend on survey completion and response rates. Getting better completion and response rates, you should start with creating better surveys—surveys people can’t wait to take. The most engaging surveys are enjoyable for your respondents, but for you, they yield richer data. Your focus must be on engaging customers as they are more likely to stick around longer and spread the word about you.


How To Use Surveys To Engage Your Audience?

You Must Make The Surveys Feel Like Conversation: 

Mastering the “art of conversation” isn’t just a cliché. It’s especially critical when you’re trying to gather feedback because the way you sound can make or break your survey. While designing the surveys, you must see to it that your respondents should understand what you’re asking them. Your surveys should be clear, easy to read, and friendly. Experts recommend that you must treat your surveys like a casual conversation between two people, instead of a mechanism for collecting data.

You Can Personalize The Survey Experiences That Comply With Your Brand

It is a well-understood fact that the appearance of your survey contributes to how engaged are your respondents. According to a study, it was found that personalized surveys are more appealing to the people taking them, and you can make customizations in a snap. For instance, you can add your logo so your survey is recognizable to your audience. In addition, choose a theme and survey layout that’s fun and playful, or professional and sophisticated. You can also add small touches like colors and fonts to align with seasonal surveys.

If you are engaging with your customers through email marketing, then you can easily personalize your emails. It will help your email invitation to stand out. Just create a simple personalized survey—from the start—by including first names in your email invites. By making use of custom HTML invitations, you can even add images and embed videos, which are also great ways to increase engagement.

You Should Ask Questions That People Can’t Wait To Answer

It’s the questions that survey takers interact with most, so start by piquing interest with your very first question. Your respondents sometimes might not have context about your survey, so use this question to build rapport and motivate them to answer the rest.


Surveys that start with multiple-choice questions tend to have higher completion rates because these types of questions are easy to answer. To engage your audience, the type of questions you include in your surveys dramatically change respondents’ experience. You should optimize for question types that should not be very difficult to answer. In such situations, the respondents might not complete the survey and abandon it. You can also include a few open-ended options to ensure that your respondents still have space to voice their thoughts.

Your Surveys Should Make Your Customers Feel Valued

Customer satisfaction survey: You can share your company goal of increasing your customer satisfaction with your respondents by explaining that their opinions will help you offer better products and services.

Employee training survey: Reach out to your employees and explain that HR is evaluating the effectiveness of training and team-building events and that you’re looking for fresh ideas that might lead to new educational opportunities.

Product Survey: Explain that your company is looking for feedback on new product designs and that this feedback may inform the launch of a new product line.


Building online surveys that keep your customers engaged in your brand for a long time needs continuous efforts and proper customer research. It is actually a gradual process that combines credibility and presentation. When you take the time to create a unique survey and publish that survey in meaningful ways, you will find that becoming an expert in your field may be as simple as asking the right questions.

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