So, you just finished making your survey questionnaire for customer feedback? But, how sure are you that you will get the results that you want? What assurance do you have that your respondents will act on their data?

For your online survey tools to be considered successful, you have to show that their results managed to drive changes of any form.

You could have recently created a brand new system to handle customer feedback, or you launched your latest product or you identified the best means of increasing the happiness among your employees.

While your survey data is going to light the right path, it is you and your stakeholders who should be taking that first crucial step down the path. Today, you will learn some of the best ways to make sure it happens.

Inspire Action with Online Voting and Survey

More often than not, the poll maker who writes, fields, and analyzes survey data is not necessarily the person that will take action on that particular data.

Stakeholders are what you call the people who take action and while they are usually the source of a certain project, there are instances when they don’t participate in a project until all data were collected and analyzed.

These stakeholders can either be external or internal to your organization. If they are not involved until the last steps of the survey questionnaire, it is very easy for them to gather the results and mindlessly place them in a shelf where they gather dust and lay forgotten.

Through ensuring that they remain informed about all the bits and pieces of your survey, you give yourself better chances of coming up with a final result that will inspire and drive action.

Tips to Make Your Surveys More Actionable

  • Involve your stakeholders when you brainstorm the objectives and goals of your survey. This will not just give them a clearer understanding of the goal of the survey as they will also be able to define individual objectives that your survey expects to look into.
  • Ensure that stakeholders have a presence when you come up with the actual questions. It could prove to be a challenge to turn objectives to unbiased questions which can produce the results that can be acted on. Allow the stakeholders to witness the process and help them work through the survey questionnaire that will be asked to the respondents.
  • Sign up the stakeholders to test your online survey questionnaire. This way, they can see the final product and experience it from the point of view of respondents.
  • Remind them every now and then of the objectives and actions of the survey. The key is to plan the actions from the start. Define your action plan at the brainstorming stage and ensure that the stakeholders agree in taking the outlined actions if results point towards that direction. Keep the focus on the ultimate actions through reminding them of the plans at every step of the process.

When your survey questionnaire is done, don’t forget that encouraging action should always be your most important priority.

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