How To Increase Response Rates With Effective Survey Branding

Well-structured quetionnaire and professional approach will increase the response rate of your online survey. Conducting an online poll/survey is helpful in taking meaningful business decisions. You can rely on the inputs gathered from the survey, if the response rate is high. There is no point conducting an online survey which yields low response rate. The response rate of your online survey can be increased with effective survey branding for better business decisions.

Survey branding is an useful way to improve your survey’s response rate. If more respondents reply to your questions, it brings more credibility to your gathered information. Following are the few ways in which you can brand your survey to get relevant and meaningful information.

1) Design of Logo: You can increase the authenticity and legitimacy of the survey by placing logo of your company on the questionnaire. The design of the logo should be appealing to urge respondents to take part in the online survey. If the logo is not popular among the audience, other images can be used to create a strong impact.

2) Style and Color: The color and style of the company also plays an important role in branding your survey. The online survey should follow the same style and color-combination as being used in the products. Your respondents associate your survey design with your company’s products & services. Company’s branding can be used on the borders of your survey for better results.

3) Strong Introduction: ‘Well begun is half done’ so make sure that you start your survey strongly by engaging your respondents. You can start your online poll with a welcome note stating your company name and the purpose of the survey. Your respondents should be confident that they are at the right place and what information is expected from them.

4) Maintaining Privacy: Most of the respondents will have privacy issues while answering questions on sensitive issues. You will have to gain the confidence of respondents that their inputs are safe and their privacy will not be compromised. You can assure your audience that all the information provided by them is confidential as per company’s policy.

It is a well-known fact that you need to know the right information in order to flourish. PollDeep, an online poll creator can help your business gather these valuable inputs which will in turn provide a base for innovating and improvising your process. An online poll, conducted through Polldeep will give you an insider’s view of the customers, competitors and your industry which can be used to gain advantage. In today’s scenario of a competitive and aggressive business environment, designing a customer satisfaction poll is very important and significant. Whether designing a customer satisfaction poll for a new product, coming up with a more cost-efficient production process or targeting a new market, it calls for much brainstorming and an online poll is nothing less then a blessing for the business owners.

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