Online survey/poll have become an integral part of business decision-making. Business houses are relying on the information gathered by online poll to take meaningful decisions. In this competitive world, the only way to stay ahead in the market is to take right decisions at the right time. Conducting a survey is not good enough, you also have to make sure that the response rate is more. Your respondents should reply quickly and in thick number so that you will get the valuable insights at the right time.

Always remember that the Survey response rates depends on various attributes such as:-

  • Your purpose, questions and instructions should be clear in every aspect.

  • Use some sort of motivation to induce respondents to respond.

  • Make sure that your survey/poll is interesting enough to engage the audience.

  • Do not go for a lengthy online poll which will take more time in completion.

  • Attach some rewards or incentives for your respondents.

There are certain things that should be kept in mind in order to increase the response rate of your survey. If you would be able to gather information from your respondents within the stipulated time, you can always take effective business decisions.

1. Use Social Exchange Theory and Incentives

As the theory suggests that individual’s actions are motivated by returns(incentive), this same can be applied for getting response from your audience. Your respondents will surely be motivated to finish the online poll/survey if there is a reward(monetary or non-monetary) attached to it. You can go for more incentives if you are willing to finish the survey within shortest time with maximum number of respondents. Random drawings and incentives to the first 100 respondents are a few techniques to increase the response rate.

2. Use Cognitive Dissonance

The theory suggests that by reducing dissonance of an individual, you can trigger the responsive decision of him. The process starts with the respondents receiving the questionnaire and asked to participate in the online survey. The individual will believe that if he fails to respond, it might be against his own self-perception of being a helpful person. The idea of being a failed respondents produces a state of dissonance and he wants to get rid of it by completing the survey quickly. The state of dissonance is the key to trigger the responsive decision of the respondents.

3. Use Self-Perception

As per the theory people tend to infer their attitude and knowledge through interpretations which is based on the causes of their behaviour. Try to include labels which are kind and generous in order to enhance the response rate. It also involves classifying respondents based on their behaviour so that they will behave in a consistent manner. Positive self-perception will increase the response rate and negative self-perception tends to decrease the response rate of your online poll.

Whether designing a new product, coming up with a more cost-efficient production process or targeting a new market, today’s business scenario is much more competitive and aggressive. The task of making a decision calls for much of brainstorming and here poll come in as a blessing for the managers. PollDeep, with its amazing features and attributes which can be customized according to the need of the business. Through making the relevant changes, you can increase the response rate of your poll. It will make conducting a poll and decision-making a much easier and comforting task.

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