A poll has become one of the most important and significant tools of an organization for decision-making. The various aspects which get disclosed through a poll help a business to take a correct and effective decision. One question that always comes in mind is whether a poll is a strategical or tactical tool? Does it help in one or has a blend of both? Before coming to a conclusion let us first understand the meaning of both these aspects which though appear different are interconnected with each other.

Tactical Planning is usually the short range planning emphasizing mainly on the current scenario. It basically deals with the various factors which will affect the business currently. The duration which is usually taken into consideration is less than a year.

Strategic Planning is usually the plan which is made taking into consideration the broader aspects of business. The various factors which will affect the business in years to come are taken into consideration. The total time frame usually ranges from 5 to 10 years.

Tactical Online Poll
This kind of online poll is designed to allow the customers to indicate their satisfaction regarding the overall relationship with the business. They are usually conducted at regular intervals within a year; allowing customers to showcase their opinion over various areas of products and services. These types of polls help the business understand the various aspects that drive the customer loyalty towards the business. The data collected through the online poll helps the business to prioritize which factors should be considered first. The only way to gain customer loyalty is through customer satisfaction. Tactical online polls help in understanding the various reasons of customers’ dissatisfaction and working on them to gain positive results.

Strategical Online Poll
This online poll is conducted in order to allow the customers to give their opinion on their satisfaction pertaining to a specific event, service or interaction of the business. These polls are conducted usually after every interaction a customer has with the business pertaining to sale technique, support, new product, etc. The strategical decisions are based on the results which the business gets from tactical polls. The tactical poll results will give you leads to what should be done in the strategical poll. The focus of the strategical poll is to achieve deeper aspects of factors leading to dissatisfaction among customers. The result which you get from your strategical online poll will help you in improvising and making your product better equipped for the customers.

At last, it is crystal clear that both strategical and tactical online polls go hand-in-hand. They both support and complement each other whenever required. Online polls do not work in isolation and takes into account various elements of both these tactics. Using the results obtained from both these polls combined, a business can take more effective decisions. The business, riding high on these decisions, aim for more growth and development. An online poll, from sites like Poll Deep (polldeep.com), is both a strategical and tactical tool in the hand of the business for better decision-making. These decisions can help business owners enhance customer loyalty and attain customer delight.

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