Pros and Cons of Online Poll

The usage of online survey has increased manifold recently due to its effective and efficient result giving ability. These latest and advanced tools have changed the way information is gathered these days. Unlike the traditional methods of data gathering, online poll has made the whole process much more simpler and faster. Volumes of data and information can be collected now within less budget and time. Effective business decisions are taken at a much faster rate due to authentic and relevant data.

Nothing is free of flaws and errors, online poll being no exception has some drawbacks too. The traditional methods have some advantages over the modern methods of data collection. The overall impact of online poll is positive for the business’s decision making. The choice of mode for gathering the important data is solely dependent on the specific purpose and goal of the business. Positive things first, listed below are some of the advantages of the online poll. These are the factors which have contributed towards the success of online survey.

1. Low costs:The online polls have drastically brought down the cost of data collection. The overhead cost for data gathering has gone down as a result of which cost of conducting online poll is much lower now as compared to the traditional methods.

2. Automation:The data is stored in the database automatically as soon as the respondents give their feedbacks. Further analysis of data as per the needs and requirements of the business can be done easily.

3. Less time:>The gestation period is negligible. You can get your feedbacks instantly within no time from the participants. The results which are gathered instantly saves much of your time and money, helping you to take effective decisions at the right time.

4. More convenience: The participants of the survey can give their feedbacks within their comfort zone. They can select a time and place which best suits their schedule and answer to the questions mentioned in the questionnaire.

5. Better flexibility:The questions can be designed according to the target audience. The questions can be made such that it does not irritates the respondents. Participants should be allowed to skip irrelevant questions so as to increase their engagement.

6. No person involved:The respondents can answer to the questions without being intimidated by any person. The participants can share their accurate and authentic details through the answers. The information thus collected is more reliable for decision-making.

There are two sides of a coin, even online poll has a few disadvantages attached with it. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Limited availability:There are still many people who are devoid of internet access. The traditional people still believe in having things in black and white. The online survey cannot tap these audience and thus the number of respondents decreases.

2. Less cooperation:The respondents are bombarded with various messages and emails from all sorts of marketers. There is every possibility that your participants may skip the link of the online poll sent by you. Make sure your participants find your link for the online survey.

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