Should Sports Training be Made Compulsory to Every Child for their Holistic Growth Poll to know about it

Parents are usually faced with making the right decisions that will lead to better growth of their kids. As parents, we all want our kids to grow looking healthy and feeling healthy, and to make that a reality, we try all we could to provide them with the right nutrition.

Good nutrition plays a very big role in the growth of kid, but that is only paying attention to only one area of growth – physical growth.

Holistic growth encompasses all types of growth, which includes the physical and mental growth. Therefore, some other things must go pari-passu with good nutrition before a child can be said to be growing holistically.

Some people are of the opinion that one of those things is sports training? So the question is should sports training be made compulsory to every child?

Sports training for children has a lot of advantages which could be valid reasons to make it compulsory for every child.

Sports training is important for building and improving:

  1. Strength
  2. Skills
  3. Hard work
  4. Endurance
  5. Fitness
  6. Ambition
  7. Focus
  8. Confidence
  9. Friendship
  10. Teamwork
  11. Team spirit

On the other hand,
many people think sports training shouldn’t be made compulsory to every child because of reasons such as:

  1. It is not good to force children to do sports as some of them may have no interest in sport and thus feel miserable when they are forced to do it.
  2. It is waste of time because the time taken to do sports activities could be used on their books or on learning how to play a musical instrument and a lot of other better things.
  3. Children might get hurt.
  4. Some children can get bullied.
  5. The ones who don’t do well at sports activities might lose their self-esteem, which they might not be able to get back for many, many years.
  6. They are not going to gain anything.
  7. Sport is not for everybody.
  8. Some children are not as healthy as others, for example forcing asthmatic children to do sporting activities is a very bad thing to do.
  9. Some children prefer to be alone.
  10. It could twist their views about the world and relationship with people.

So how then can we get the right answer to the question that is the topic of this article? I think the only way is through the use of online polls and surveys.

Online polls and surveys are effective ways of getting honest views on why sports training should be made compulsory or not. This is because:

  1. It can reach a wider audience.
  2. It can be used to get the opinion of people from different culture and backgrounds.
  3. It is easier for people to respond to; most times they only need to click yes or no.
  4. It is more accurate because when online, people find it easier so say what they really feel.

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