Why Choose PollDeep Over Any Other Polling Platform_

With technological advancements, there has been increasing competition among various business houses. Every businessman wants to have more and more customers in order to increase the profit margin. But a business can flourish only when they have happy, satisfied, and loyal customers. But how do you know whether your customers are happy with your products and services? Generally, most businessmen keep wondering what their customers think about the service or product? How would you know what products your customers like and what they dislike? The answer to all your questions is Online Polls!

What Is Online Polling? An online poll is basically a survey where people (your target audience) provide answers to various questions based on their perspective and experience. Generally, the business websites ask questions pertaining to the product and services provided by them and try to engage their potential customers with their brand. Online polls are considered the best tools for inviting your audience to speak their minds.

By acknowledging all the specific answers regarding the products and services, you could easily make necessary adjustments to your products and services or to prepare the right content for your segments that you can create with the information provided.

To design amazing polls and surveys for your business website, Polldeep is considered as the best platform. You might be wondering why Polldeep and not any other online polling platform. So let’s learn about the features and understand how Polldeep is different from other online poling platforms.

#1 Design Surveys For Maximum Engagement

PollDeep is an online polling platform that helps you to design surveys to gain maximum engagement and customer participation.  You can get higher engagement levels with an interactive, visual, and mobile-friendly design.

#2 PollDeep Provides All The Features You Need

Polldeep is an online poll maker that makes it easy to get started with basic features of survey designing. However, it is also designed for advanced survey needs. For more advanced usage scenarios, the poll creator is packed with advanced features. Examples include automatic closing, configure who can view results, allowing users to suggest their own answers, integrating a lead form, and more!

#3 Polldeep helps You To Customize The Look & Feel Of The Surveys: Customize your poll so that it perfectly matches your site and brand. You can select between different color themes, fonts, and sizes. You can also use custom HTML to change every design aspect. Add your own logo to make it seem as if you built it in-house.

#4 Get Detailed Reporting Of The Customer Insights: Once you have collected the customer feedback, you can quickly turn data into insights and view it in the form of charts and graphs. The report would include an analysis of the entire data, a result report that details how voters answered each question, and the response rate. 

#5 Flexible Approach: Polldeep allows you to embed the poll and surveys on your website or you can share them on various social media websites. By posting your online poll on Facebook and Twitter, on websites, and within newsletters and emails, you can easily expand your audience.

#6 Fully Responsive & Mobile-Optimized: Fully responsive design verifies that your poll functions & looks great on all types of devices, from small mobile devices to large desktop screens. The polls are also optimized to work fast on mobile and slower network connections to verify participation rates and completion rates are maximized. The images are optimized for quick delivery based on the device.

Now that you know that Polldeep is the best platform to design surveys, let’s get started.

Summary: Surveys are important to collect feedback, opinions, criticism, and suggestions from the general public and customers. Earlier, the surveys were conducted by normally passing the printed question to the people to complete. With the introduction of online surveys, collecting feedback became very easy as the manual element of the collation process is eliminated. By now you might be knowing that there is numerous online poll creating platforms, but Polldeep is definitely the best known as well as widely used. Polldeep helps you to design polls in a very customized way by adding various features that make the survey data collection and analysis quite simple as well as interesting.

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