Why do you need to study in more than one language Poll to Know People's Opinion this international mother language day

International mother language day is celebrated every year in different countries. The main goal of this day is to advance linguistic and social altruism among the differing populace. It expects to cultivate solidarity among different countries as it advances the safeguarding and insurance of all languages utilized by individuals everywhere in the world.

UNESCO proposes numerous approaches to honor the unique day with different fun activities. For school kids, past events included scrounger hunts to instruct world societies and languages as well as language mapping of understudies’ native languages. Different exercises incorporate urging students to demonstrate other understudies about how their mother language is spoken, singing and recitation of stories and verse in their local dialect and other school programs where the understudies’ first language will be given accentuation. College understudies also do debate, reading & writing competitions in their local language and had stage shows, music, and play planned in their mother dialects.

UNESCO declared February 21 as the International Mother Language Day in November 1999. Since February 2000, it has turned into a yearly perception to advance multilingualism and social and semantic diversity. It was initially intended to remember the Language Movement Day, an uncommon day celebrated in Bangladesh (East Pakistan) since 1952. That year, a few understudies from the University of Dhaka were showing to have the Bangla (Bengali) dialect perceived as one of the two national languages of Pakistan.

Today, we can’t progress quickly, we just know about a single language (our mother language). In order to progress quickly and smartly, it is important to try to learn other languages along with our mother language. The number of languages we will understand, the easier it will be for us to make progress. One of the goals of the international mother language day is also to urge and motivate individuals to learn and practice more than one language as it can be our key to progress in different aspects of life.

When you have learned more than one language, there are a lot of benefits that you can get. You will be able to experience better job prospects abroad, you will be able to learn about another culture, it can be included in your practical skill and you will also be able to talk to different people and can closely relate to them. Along with this, on learning more than one language, an individual also gets a sense of achievement that motivates them to learn more and even better.

The international mother language day is the one that motivates people to learn more than one language and progress quickly and smartly in their careers. To know what other people think about learning more than one language, you can create an online survey using any good quick Online Poll Creator and can know about different opinions from people related to different countries.

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