With the ever increasing competition in the market, businesses are under pressure of taking the most important decisions within short span of time. Online surveys have contributed considerably in providing the relevant information for business decision-making. There can be many ways in which surveys can be conducted like telephone, interviews, mail or internet. Though every medium has its own pros and cons, it’s online survey which has taken the lead among all.

Online poll has many benefits over other form of surveys. The main advantages of conducting an online survey are listed below. These are the reasons for popularity of online survey among people.

1) Cost Factor Attached: The cost benefit which online survey offers make it a clear winner among other surveys. You can conduct your survey at a very less cost as compared to telephone, in-person or other surveys. Your respondents just require a system and internet connection to take part in this survey. Online poll has reduced the cost of manpower and material, giving you better return on investment .

2) Proper Synchronization for Users: Your respondents will be happy to reply if you will take care of their ease and comfort. By integrating features which can skip or re-direct to some other questions, you can save time of your participants. If you will incorporate features for better user-experience, you will stand a better chance for higher response rate.

3) Less Biased for More Relevance: Since the participants are not in direct contact of the interviewer, he gives fair and unbiased reply. The respondents usually get intimidated by the presence of the staff and give their biased opinion. Through online surveys participants can answer the survey’s questions from the comfort of their home. The data collected is more relevant and reliable for further processing.

4) Integration of Interesting Elements: With latest technology and advancements, you can add various interesting elements like video, audio and images into your online poll. Your respondents will surely find it more entertaining and engaging. Educating your participants will further add credibility to your brand increasing your response rate considerably.

5) Speedy Response: As stated above, business houses have to take speedy decisions so that they can survive in this competitive market. Online surveys give the much needed valuable inputs at a faster rate so that decisions can be taken. Speedy response give you important information which can be further processed according to the requirements and needs of the business.

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