8 must have features of an online poll

Online polls are fun to carry out and they always provide the best results. Creating an online survey or poll can be difficult if they don’t have good feature so, it is very important to an online survey creator to provide the below mentioned 8 features.

The first must-have feature is the dashboard of the free paid surveys. With the help of a dashboard, the user can easily manage polls as well as create new polls. If an online poll creator doesn’t have a dashboard for its user then believe me it’s totally useless.

Trend Discovering feature:
Trend discovering feature is basically utilized in order to figure out the gender, age or custom snap analysis of the people who answered the free paid poll. So, this is also a must-have feature for online polls.

Maps feature:
Maps feature is one of the most basic features of the online polls which let the user check the location of the voters who answered the poll. This is very useful to carry out demographic polls and must be included in the entire free online poll maker.

A feature of sharing the poll:
A lot of polling sites or software don’t have the feature of sharing the poll at the social networking sites which are quite irritating as this feature is the must-have. This feature is very useful in driving the traffic to the poll and it gets your poll answered by a good amount of people. So, if a poll creator doesn’t have this feature then it’s better to try another tool.

Customizing feature:
Carrying out boring polls can result in just a few voters as the people will not answer the poll with complete interest. So, customizing the poll according to your own brand or business is also a must-have feature in any paid polling creator.

Embedding polls:
Again, this feature is also a must have as it allows the user to embed the online surveys to their blog, websites, send via email or even embed it on twitter.

Decent pricing plans:
In case the online poll creators are not offering the decent prices or laying plans to create the polls then the users will never use them. So, decent pricing plans are also a must have a feature of the online polls.

An unlimited number of votes:
Last but not the least must have feature is an unlimited number of votes. A lot of polls offer a limited number of polls which is quite annoying. A poll must have an unlimited number of votes so that the user can have the best possible results from that online survey.

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