Are Governments Making Enough Efforts to Maximize the Involvement of Girls and Women in Scientific Research Poll to Know

When it comes to scientific research, both men and women must be involved in it and government should make efforts to increase the involvement regardless of the genders. According to the online poll, today, women all across the world are showing their hard work and talent in almost every field. Scientific research is among those fields where the women must get involved and government should make efforts to maximize the involvement.

Regardless of the increase in opening new doors of opportunities, young ladies and women keep on being underrepresented in the fields of technology, science, mathematics and engineering. The maximized involvement of women in the field science is quite important for every nation to handle major worldwide challenges. According to the estimates of UNESCO, around 35% of all the students selected in Technology, Science, Engineering, and Mathematics related fields are women. Shutting the gap of genders in science is additionally essential for accomplishing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Today, in a lot of countries, Long-standing biases, as well as gender stereotypes, are guiding young women away from scientific research. According to a research, Journal Science demonstrated that by the age of six, girls are less likely than young boys to portray their own gender as ‘best’, and less inclined to join an activity named for, ‘extremely smart’ kids. This shows that gender discrimination have affected the minds of girls regardless of what country they belong and with what kind of people they live.

Another study that over-viewed 9,500 young women from the age of 11 to 18 who belongs to 9 European countries, demonstrated some unbelievable facts i.e. in Finland, 62% of girls know that science is an important field, but just 37% said they would think about a profession in that field.

As in reality, the world on screen reflects comparative inclinations, the 2015 Gender Bias Without Borders ponder by the Geena Davis Institute demonstrated that among the onscreen characters with a recognizable job related to science field, just 12 percent were ladies.

It is high time that government should start making efforts to maximize the involvement of women in scientific research so that it can positively affect the whole nation. There are a few countries where the governments have already made some efforts in this regards but still, the efforts must be made on a large scale so that girls from both rural and urban areas can know the importance of science field and should consider it as their profession.

To know opinions of different people from all over the world in this regard, you can create and online questionnaire and can ask different individuals to answer it. This will help you in knowing if the government is making efforts to maximize the involvement of girls in scientific research.

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