How to Quickly Survey Your Audience Through Online Poll?

A quick survey is the easiest way for you to interact with your audience, helping you to create a lasting relationship between you and them.

Before creating a survey of a poll, it is important that you fast know what topics your audience is likely to respond to positively. Do they love politics, sports, entrepreneurship, academics or entertainment? Perform some background checks and ensure the poll that you set up isn’t divisive.

Audience engagement is a number one concern for many blog owners and creating an online poll or a quick survey might just the best thing you can do keep your audience engaged and interested.

There are three ways you can go about creating a quick survey so that you can gather some “intel” about your customers or audience.

Survey your audience via a list

If you have a list of subscribers you can send them a short survey through their email addresses to find out what they feel about your current or future product or a new feature you have just launched. Surveys through list sometimes may be tricky because a subscriber might not see it, or you don’t include a catch they might not feel the need to complete it.

Survey through social media

You can quickly get your audience’s opinion by launching a social media poll or survey. According to statistics, there are over 3 billion active social media users and they spent average of 116 times a day.

Survey them without a list or social media

If your company doesn’t have a social media presence or you are just starting, you can still set up a poll or survey to get opinions about a beta product or anything else. A survey without social media or subscribers list will also mean that you establish relationship with only targeted audience.

Let’s start with surveying your audience through list

  1. Send a survey question via email to your subscribers
    It should be simple questions and don’t forget to add an incentive, which doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary. Remember you have to offer something in return if you want your survey to get maximum response.

  2. Survey them using a quick survey maker or tool
    While the first option involves asking simple questions to your audience, this is where you mix up things and include some challenging ones too. Instead of asking them to reply via email, you design an actual poll or survey using the software. There are plenty of online survey makers you can choose from.

  3. Create an advanced survey
    This option will allow you to gather more information about your audience Survey your audience via social media. If you want a simple quick survey, social media is your best option.

  4. Conducting a Live Broadcast on Facebook
    Utilizes this epic future on Facebook to interact live with your audience, by asking questions and what they think you should do to improve.

  5. Use an Image Question on Social Media
    Create an image with a question and post it on your social media page or group with an eye-catching title.

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