How Will You Celebrate World Bicycle Day Get interesting Ideas Through Online Poll

World Bicycle Day is approaching fast. The June 3rd event is been eagerly awaited by bicycle lovers and people of noble course all around the world. World Bicycle Day is still a young celebration. In fact, this year will be its first anniversary having been declared on April 12th, 2018 by the United Nations. It was during the 72nd UN General Assembly session in New York that the celebration was born. The day is a global occasion recognizing the uniqueness, longevity, and usefulness of the bicycle, which has been around for two centuries.

The bicycle is simple, reliable, affordable, clean, and environmentally suitable, thus the ideal mean of transportation to foster health and environmental stewardship.

Why the Bicycle?

The bicycle was picked because of the following:

  • • Simplicity, cleanness, affordability and environmentally fit-The bicycle is the most sustainable mode of transportation available today.

  • • Tool for development-The bicycle can be used to access health care, education, and sport, besides being just a means of transportation.

  • • Symbol of sustainability-The bicycle conveys positive message to foster sustainable production and consumption as well as a positive influence on climate.

  • • The creativity-the synergy between the user and the bicycle promotes social engagement as well as creativity, thus giving the user an instant awareness of the local environment.

  • • Inclusive-Bicycle makes settlements and cities inclusive, safe, and sustainable and resilient.

According to a certain study, cycling can have a massive positive impact on the future of mankind and can save the world up to USD $6 trillion over the next 15 years. Additionally, it can dramatically improve the quality of life by reducing CO2 emissions in urban settlements by about 7%.

The Reason to Celebrate the Bicycle Day

By celebrating this day, you will be acknowledging the positive contribution the bicycle has had towards sustainable development goals (SDGs). In fact, it is believed that cycling delivers directly on 12 of the 17 SDGs.

The Bicycle celebration also acknowledges the part the bicycle plays to improve the livelihoods of families throughout the world

How to Get Ideas

Today there are numerous online polling tools that you can employ to collect ideas on how to celebrate the World Bicycle Day.

You can create an online poll and ask readers to fill in what their best idea of celebrating the Bicycle Day is. Another alternative is asking your social media followers to share their picks and tagging your handle, maybe to stand a chance to win something.

How to Enjoy the Experience

To celebrate this year’s Bicycle Day, you can join a bicycle group in your local area for a fun-packed day of collaborative learning, and awareness-raising through:

  • • Meeting new friends fostering a noble course

  • • Sharing inspiring stories

  • • Listen as speakers give talks

  • • Enjoying a group ride.

  • • Raising funds that can be used in societal development

  • • Using social media to spread the World Bicycle Day, particularly by using the hashtag.

  • • Celebrate by donating to charities, especially if you are unable to ride a bicycle.


World bicycle day can be very interesting. If you thinking of taking part in the celebration, follow the above mentioned tips and you will be happy.

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