Primary Voters Are Concerned About Terrorism & Economy - Poll & Know The Opinion Of Voters

One thing that’s talked about before the commencement of any election is the candidates. People often look at the candidates considering things like voter’s trust, electability of the candidates and most importantly the ability to get things done.

Polls, however, say differently. Depending on the State in the United States, several polls are showing that most people are not concerned about trust, a metric most candidates are focusing on. People are concerned about the foreign policy preached by a candidate particularly with regards to terrorism. Other voters are concerned about the economy and jobs. Why this difference, one may ask.
The sharpness in difference of the opinions of the two voter groups are based on their party loyalties. While Democrats seem to be concerned about jobs and the economy, Republicans are concerned about terrorism and national security.

In some US states, a third of Republican Voters who participated in the poll to evaluate their concerns chose foreign policy as their major influencing factor that helps them decide whether to vote for a candidate or not. Last year, in the US state of Iowa, a Quinnipiac Poll was conducted. In the poll, 35% of people who identified as Democrats said jobs and the economy were important deciding factors when choosing to settle on a candidate. This was vastly different from Republicans as only 27 percent of Republicans who participated in the same poll said jobs were of importance.

Apart from the economy and foreign policy, some other polls reviewed that democratic voters were also concerned about things like climate change and look at that before electing a candidate. Republicans, on the other hand, seemed to care more about the budget deficit. In fact, in a poll conducted in the state of New Hampshire, 10% of Republicans said the budget deficit was of utmost importance and something a candidate should address if elected.

One might ask, why is there such a difference in opinions on these issues. The answer to that is simple enough. The answer to that is simple and is found in the prominent people within each party. The reason why Republicans care more about the budget deficit, foreign policy, and fighting terrorism is due to Donald Trump’s stance on these issues.

While on the campaign trail in 2016, Donald’s campaign was focused on establishing a bellicose foreign policy in the US. Besides that, one thing he focused on on the campaign was scaling up the fight on terrorism. He didn’t focus much on the economy except tax cuts and reducing the budget deficit.

On the hand, on the Democratic side, two of the most important figures were Sen Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Bernie had strong economic proposals focused on wealth redistribution and job creation and thus influenced the voters to lean towards that.
However on an overall, throughout the whole nation, one of the topmost concerns of voters regardless of their party affiliation is terrorism. Polls conducted by the New York Times and CBS have consistently proved that most voters regard terrorism as one of the biggest problems facing the country next to the economy.

Other problems highlighted include immigration policy and healthcare.

If you want to get more on the opinions of voters or any other group of people, you can create your own survey or online poll to determine their opinion.

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