Why Do Bloggers Use Online Polls

Currently, there are millions of blogs on the internet, all trying to dominate their niches. Running a successful blog can be challenging, explaining why thousands of them shut down daily. The backbone for a prosperous blog is visitors and you need to keep them entertained and engaged for them to come back.

Engaging your visitors means increase response rates, and one of the most tried and tested methods of achieving this is by using online polls on your blog.

Why Bloggers Use Online Polls

  1. Faster
  2. Setting up an online poll is simple and faster, especially with numerous online polling tools currently available. The information is gathered automatically, thus you get an instant response time.

  3. Flexible
  4. Basing on your audience segmentation, it is very easy to tailor the question in your online poll to suit each segment. You can categorize your audience based on age, demography or sex.

  5. Less expensive
  6. Using online polls reduces your research expenses significantly because the response from your audience enters directly to your system. The poll responses are automatically processed and can be accessed at any time.

  7. Accurate
  8. With online polls, the margin of error is significantly reduced as participants directly enter their responses into your system. Unlike online polls, manual ones require staff to be attentive to ensure that the data entered into the system are correct.

  9. Quick to analyze
  10. The poll results are ready to be analyzed at any time you want. The results can be viewed in real time so that you can act quickly, create charts, export the records for further analysis and share your findings with others.

  11. Easy to use by your audience
  12. With many people having access to the internet, an online poll is more convenient than other forms of the survey such as telephone and mail. Participants can choose the best moment that suits them to take the poll.

  13. Easy to style
  14. An online poll is a perfect opportunity to imprint your brand in the audience’s minds and remind them what you offer. Your online poll can be designed to match your blog with customized backgrounds, logo, images, fonts, URL and final re-direct page.

  15. More Honest
  16. A study has shown that users prefer participating in online polls rather than written questionnaires or telephone quizzes.

    Audiences who participate in online polls also tend to give an accurate representation of what they feel about the topic. By creating a free poll, your audience is likely to respond with honest answers.

  17. More selective
  18. With an online poll, you can pre-screen the audience and let those who fit your target profile to participate in the poll.

Online polls are a great way for blog owners to make their websites interesting and more engaging. The results can be used to tailor your content to suit your audience segmentation. Designing an online poll is easy and cheaper, particularly with several online poll makers in the market.

In the blogosphere, the amount of visitors who land on your blog is what will determine the success of it. It is one thing to receive visitors but is another to retain them and an online poll will just do the trick.

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