Avoid These 5 Mistakes while Creating a Poll

Online poll these days is the best medium or method to gather information on your customers and your target market. Whether your purpose is to sell your product/service, or you are looking for ways to enhance user engagement on your website, a quick online polling is all you need.

Despite being the best way of gathering information, individuals or organizations still commit mistakes while preparing online polls.

Here is a list of 5 top mistakes which one should avoid while creating the poll.

Here we go………

Poll Mistake #1: Ignoring Your Audience

Your polls are meant to get information of your audience, but you need to know your audience first before you start to prepare your poll. If you don’t know your audience then how will you create the poll?

To avoid this mistake of all-time, you need to conduct research to know what kind of language people will respond to, also, make sure you give them appropriate options that will cover what they think about your experience.

Poll Mistake #2: Not Giving Enough Options

Your poll questionnaire should have combination of multiple choice and yes/no type answer questions. Even for more accuracy you can even ask your respondents to elaborate on some of them.

Also, it is important that the questions are clear, concrete, and unbiased. So, that respondents feel comfortable while taking the survey.

Poll Mistake #3: Forcing People to Answer All the Questions

This is by far a major mistake, which many surveyors do while creating their poll. You should always remember that your respondents are taking out time from their schedule to fill your poll, if you will force them to answer all the question then they may feel uninspired to fill it any further, they won’t mind abandoning the poll. So, better you create flexible poll for the visitors.

Poll Mistake #4: Not Branding The Brand

While creating their polls, many a time individuals or organizers miss branding their brand. However, the main objective of any poll should be branding the brand. I believe, brand awareness is the only reason one takes so much of pain for.

So, polling is the best way to create brand awareness and impress your audience. Once you are done with the design and theme of your poll, make sure you put your company’s logo and company’s color theme and add to the branding.

Poll Mistake #5: Creating Boring And Lengthy Poll

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not creating their polls visually engaging. Remember, no one likes to take boring polls, if your poll is appealing and beautiful for the respondents than chances are more and more people will be willing to take the poll.

Another, most important poll mistake is to create poll too long and descriptive. You should always keep in mind that we are in era of distractions, nobody is keen to read long questionnaires. Usually, people start to lose interest and abandon the poll. Keep your poll short and precise.


Polling is the best way to impress your audience, make sure you make the best use of polling and increase onsite engagement by avoiding all the mistakes mentioned above.

Happy Surveying…

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