Do You Support The Legalization Of Same-sex Marriage Get views Through Poll

The following views and opinions are currently created through an online survey joined by numerous individuals who are supporting same sex marriage. For one, he said that in the bible it states that being gay is immoral, yet God created them like that. He also declared that if you aren’t supporting gays, you aren’t supporting God. They are merely like everyone else and be worthy to have the similar privileges as anybody.

Another person stated on online poll that he is a Christian and he admitted that he found himself more attracted to women than men. He even admitted that he found some men cute or handsome, yet he felt less strange when it comes to being attracted to women. In his view, He believe God, being as caring as he is, can overlook something indicated immoral. And he also said that it’s a scandal, an over-reaction even for homophobes. For him, same sex marriage is not hurting any person. Same sex marriage does not create pessimism except for homophones. On the other hand, instead positivity through the delight of a marriage union. Also from an online survey, he hoped he didn’t hurt somebody’s feelings, yet religion is not a totally verified marvel, and nonetheless, numerous biblical passages such as Romans 8:38-39 pronounce God as all-loving.

He supported same-sex marriage since he felt that because one person is attracted to the same sex doesn’t make him any dissimilar as a person than you. It is his option whom he wishes to love and it shouldn’t be held against him. What goes on in his home is his business. As much as divesting children of a mother or a father paradigm, that is unacceptable because in a same-sex relationship, one person is assured to be the feminist and the other the opposite. Thus they aren’t underprivileged it is barely in another arrangement. Another person declared that he supported same sex marriage since he thought that if you love someone of the same sex and that person makes you contented then you can marry that person. Because although you are gay you still have privileges. Some people do not support gay marriage and think they should not get married yet they have the privileges to marry any one they love. Even a slayer has human rights. It’s not like being gay creates mischief to anyone

Marriages can be done in a profane civil ritual or a religious one. As a result, although most Christians keep citing bible verses, homosexuals can still have the privileges to marry without having to cross paths with the undisclosed club (such as no homos allowed) of the Christians. Kindly do not thrust your convictions onto others if it would contradict them the same treatment or mischief. It is eccentric that you have a religion, and it is certainly acceptable to be proud of it however your faith should never openly upset other people. Your convictions do not delineate how anyone else should act and you should accept that.

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