How To Improve Your Survey Design Through Skip Logic?

Skip Logic is actually a feature, which changes what page or question a respondent sees next based on how they answer the question. Also renowned as branch logic or conditional branching, skip logic makes a custom path through the survey, which differs based on the answers of the respondent. The skip pattern will differ based on the rules that you define for your respondents.

If you are worried that your respondents will see the questions that do not apply to them and you want to ensure that your survey is tailored closely to your respondents, skip logic can save both of you and your respondent’s time, and ensures that you get the right answers without confusing anybody with some unnecessary questions.

How It Works?

Through skip logic, you may change what page or question a respondent sees next based on how they answer the questions. Regardless of what the use case, if you will add conditional branching, it will make the process of survey smoother and quicker for your respondents. One way to help you make the best decisions.

Skip Logic – Ideal for Any Kind of Project

  • Event Planning – If you are wondering how many giant pads and overhead projectors you will need for your workshop, consider asking the presenters whether they will require them and for how many and how long. You should also ask the participants if they are coming for lunch before asking them about what kind of meal they prefer.

  • Task Assignment – Determining whether the parent volunteer will prefer to run a bake sale to get funds or to chaperone a class trip. If you know the answer, try using the skip logic when getting their preferences about the times and dates, along whether they would rather go to the museum or the zoo.

  • Launching of New Products – You may utilize skip logic when evaluating who’d be most likely to purchase your new product and ask them what they think about your very own brand.

  • Employee Satisfaction – If you are curious that the nutritionist you hired with your employees is worth your investment, you can consider using skip logic when determining who has gone and how the appointment went.

Why Skip Logic Makes Survey Experience Much Better?

There are many reasons why skip logic can make your survey experience much better. One of these is that it’s short but sweet. Everybody likes a shorter survey. Giving individuals fewer questions to complete leads to more thoughtful responses and higher completion rates. If you like to know about satisfaction with trains and buses, and only one likes to take the bus and the other wants to take trains, they’re both more likely to complete your survey on a public transit and provide the thoughtful feedback that you are searching for if they have to answer the questions about the type of public transit they use.

There are reasons why skip logic is effective in improving your survey design. So, make most of it.

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