The Secrets of Successful Poll Surveys For Brand Awareness You Should Know

What if I ask, name the toothpaste you use, immediately the product logo and the brand name will appear in your head. It is because you are aware of the brand, likewise, there are several items which we use on a daily basis and we are sort of addicted to those brands.

Brand awareness basically means how many people within your target market are precisely aware of your presence in the market. Also, brand awareness helps one to drive sales.

Now with online polling tools and brand awareness survey templates one can create a survey and conduct it within the target market, where respondents can express themselves easily and more naturally.

The success of poll surveys for brand awareness depends on motley factors, these are:

Audience Profiling:

It is one of the important factors, in which you need to know your audience’s identity. Basically to know whether you are popular with kids or senior citizens, rural residents or urban population. This can be as small as 50 or as large as 50,000, depending upon your brand and your goal.

For this, you simply have to ask some personal demographic survey question at the end of the survey.

Your survey should be fun:

We live in the era of distractions, where it is sort of tough to keep people glued to one thing. Make sure your survey is fun for your respondents, paging is one process to do that as it cuts the entire online survey into sections, one screen at a time and people are curious to go to next page without getting bored seeing the length of the survey.

Also, it is important that your questions are simple, easy, polite and unbiased to get accurate poll analysis. People should not feel pressurized while answering questions.

Use a combination of unaided and aided questions:

More often than not, for brand awareness surveys two types of questions are asked: unaided and aided. Unaided questions are an open-ended question, asked when you think that your audience is aware of your existence in the market. Whereas, aided questions are cued specific to the brand.

Your survey design:

Once you are done with the question part of your survey, now is the time to consider survey design. Your survey design should be created in a way that it provides seamless user experience (UX). UX makes answering easy for respondents.

Your survey should be responsive:

With the invention of smartphones, the need for laptop has decreased to a point. Most often people who carry smartphones hardly open their laptop for online things. Hence, make sure your survey is responsive in nature, people can take it on their mobile, tablet or a laptop. Your online polling survey should be flexible and customer friendly.

Make sure answering your survey is easy:

It is essential to have questions which are clear to people and they are able to understand what is being asked. Hence, you need to be brief, clear, concrete and informal while asking questions. Otherwise, chances are that your data become irrelevant due to user’s mistakes. Also, the option for skipping question should be there for sure, otherwise the person will either get stuck or leave the survey.

Brand your brand awareness:

If you could rightly brand your brand awareness chances of getting increased response rates are more than not branding your surveys. As it increases the credibility of your survey. To do so, make sure you use your company’s logo, corporate color, corporate theme, etc. Also, your survey should not be cluttered.

Provide some benefit to the respondents for answering your survey:

Well, it matters! Big brands usually do this, they pay their target customers for taking part in their survey, for answering and completing the survey. It results in getting accurate results for poll analysis.

Strong marketing strategy is a key:

Last but not least, make sure you invest in marketing to make the customer aware of your brand. Once your customers are accustomed to your brand, gradually your marketing efforts become less.

Happy Polling!!

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