Why Does Cultural Diversity Matter for Sustainable Development Poll & Promote the Values of Cultural Diversity

May 21st is World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. This day was established by the UN in order to promote cultural diversity and dialogues among nations which in turn helps promote world peace and unity. To celebrate this day, the UN also gave us an idea of 10 things that you could do to help foster your relationship with and understand other people’s cultures and beliefs. Here are 4 of those things.

1. Visit an art exhibit of other people’s culture

One common that most people will do come 31 May are arts exhibits. These arts exhibits are usually done in large cities where people of a particular nationality in the same city showcase their culture by holding a road show, etc. You could visit an exhibit of a different culture as this will help you learn more about the people’s culture while experiencing it first hand in the process. Many touring exhibits will be held across the country that will afford windows to look into other peoples’ cultures. The local museum is your best source of information on any upcoming exhibits. You will get the information you need by paying a visit to it.

2. Have a meal with another family from a Different culture

If you know anyone from your neighbourhood with a different culture, then you should invite them for lunch or supper and share ideas with them to learn about their culture over the dinner table. You could even arrange a local meetup online targeted to your community where you exchange cultures and learn more about each other. If you are not much of an organizer, then pay a visit to your local church, they usually host open house events which could be useful as many different people with different religious and cultural backgrounds will be at these events showcasing their own cultures.

3. Watch a Cultural Movie

This is the best option for introverts and those people who feel drained after going out. You can go to box office or visit the local movie shop to look for a movie from a different culture. You could even look for a book from the local library. Books and movies are special and intimidate and often the best way to help you learn more about other people’s cultures which is really useful and very helpful. Besides that, today with widespread internet use, another option would be to go online and look for blogs targeted at culture and lifestyle and written by authors from different cultural backgrounds.

4. Visit a different place of worship

If you are a Christian, attend a worship service at a Mosque and learn more about their way of worship and how it is different from yours. Find out about open houses and attend one when it is done. The key is to learn more about other people and how they worship differently from you. It’s a great way to learn.

There are many things you could do on this cultural diversity day. If you want to run a poll to learn more about what people will be doing and how they will celebrate, you could create a poll on our site easily.

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