You Can Eliminate Survey Fatigue By Fixing These 3 Things

Was there ever a time when you asked your respondents about their experience while taking your survey? Did they find your free online surveys too long? Did you ask if they felt like your online polling is way too complicated for them, if not too personal?

Most of you will probably think that asking for your respondents’ feedback about the survey itself is something unusual. However, every time you make or prepare an online survey, it is a must to always keep your respondents in mind, with their sanity and time being your topmost priority. Even if you use the best online survey creator, everything will be useless if your poll is too difficult, enough to make your respondents suffer from survey fatigue which could have a drastic effect on the quality of data you will get.

So, how do you make the most out of your online quiz creator or free poll maker to ensure that no signs of fatigue will creep into the bodies and minds of your respondents?

Here are the top three things that you should fix once and for all.

Excessive Number of Questions

If you will require an answer for every survey question you have, your respondents will not be able to continue with your survey without giving their answers even when they don’t really want to do it.

Once they feel that they cannot skip your questions, they will feel frustrated, and needless to say, this frustration is one of the biggest culprits behind survey fatigue. Actually, only a few respondents will bother to go back and give the right answers, while others will never react too well about it.

While it doesn’t mean that you should not require answer to your questions, especially when it comes to the most critical question, you have to know how many and which questions really require to be answered.

Surveys Requiring 10 Minutes or More to be Completed

You have your busy days, and so do your respondents. Having said that, it is completely understandable why many people will be hesitant about taking a survey which will take more than 10 minutes of their precious time, or worse, even 20 minutes. Those who take these surveys genuinely want to voice out their opinions. Yes, they care enough but not enough that they will be willing to spend a big chunk of their lunch break just to answer your survey. Always consider the schedules of your respondents when making your survey to avoid an excessively long one that can only ignite survey fatigue.

Forgetting about Boundaries

You probably think of your online survey as a mere way of asking for information, but for your respondents, this might not be the case. They might find the questions sensitive, and asking them questions which could make them feel uncomfortable only increases survey fatigue. Some of the information that respondents don’t feel like providing include their phone or email, full name, income, zip code, and ethnicity or race.

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