How Dubai Changed it's Identity from Oil Rich Nation to a Tourism Rich Nation? Poll and Get Glimpse of It's Tourism Vision of 2020 this World Tourism Day.

Since the discovery of oil, life has changed as we know it. Several areas of the planet could evolve thanks to this fossil fuel that radically changed the way of life. The economy was not the same again, especially when cars and production plants emerged.

The race for oil was somewhat exclusive since not every place exists this compound. It is only in some specific areas that can be achieved and the countries that possess it are really lucky. And these nations, realizing their fate, decided to join all in a large organization and thus boost their economies.

One of the countries that have benefited the most from oil was Dubai, but not exactly because it is very good selling its barrels. Dubai has managed to become a country with incredible economic potential, thanks to what it has done with oil within its own lands.

Tourism: Its main source of income

With the help of oil, Dubai got enough funds to be able to remodel all its territory and build tall skyscrapers. The hotels are one of the main attractions that this emirate has and it is not for less.

The architecture that Dubai has, is simply exquisite. Almost everything is in gold or silver and each space will surprise you more than the other. Now, the way in which Dubai stopped being an oil power to a power in tourism is a case study.

In the framework of World Tourism Day, it will be celebrated that Dubai is one of the most influential emirates in tourism. In addition, several online polls have classified it as one of the favorite destinations to go on a trip.

What happens here is that Dubai invested its oil in an architecture that was attractive to all tourists who come from various parts of the world. In addition, with its beautiful natural and artificial beaches it is able to make us all fall in love.

On the other hand, more than 45% have commented that they expect a lot from Dubai tourism for 2020. Everyone believes that it will radically change their investments and take everything to a new level. And we are anxious because so be it.

35% of the population that participates in online polls considers that Dubai will invest in the sports sector so that it can host a global event that attracts new tourists. Also, its hotels will be increasingly technological and modern. In addition, the luxuries that each building has are incredible and are intended for your comfort.

A few last words

It is necessary that we all be aware of what happens in Dubai. We recommend you to participate in all the online poll that will be arriving during the next days. The idea is to familiarize yourself with everything so that 2020 does not catch you off guard. Dubai is waiting for you.

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