Some Strategies To Decide The Number Of Questions To Be Included In Online Polls

If you are wondering about the number of questions you have to include in an online poll, the answer is simple: as few as possible.

Keeping the questions count low is important for the reason that survey fatigue is dangerous for poll creators to collect the most accurate and best data. A few well-designed and well-worded questions are commonly no problems for the respondents to complete. However, when the survey starts getting bogged down with page after a page of essay boxes, radio buttons or convoluted question phrasing, the respondents either get too frustrated or lose interest in completing the rest of your online poll.

Deciding the number of questions you have to reach your goals is much complicated. It largely depends on your audience and purpose. Yet, that’s not all. The dirty and quick guidelines to determine the number of the questions to use in online polls are:

Respect The Respondent’s Time

Your respondents are also busy people. Faster is often better for increasing the response rates.

Stay On Track

Each question you ask should be related directly to the purpose of your online poll.

Get To the Point

Only ask questions you require for achieving your goal.

How Your Goals In Online Polls Influence The Number Of The Questions

First and foremost, you should start writing some poll questions to determine the goals and purpose of your online poll. Ask questions like what type of data you’re looking for and why do you want this online poll. The answers to such questions will help you distinguish the type of survey you’re running. The type of question you’ll use and the number of questions you have to ask for you to get where you really want to be.

The Perfect Length For Most Online Polls

There isn’t really any magic number for each type of survey and audience. Nevertheless, in general and for majority of survey types, it is best to keep the completion time of online polls under ten minutes. A 5-minute online poll has higher completion rates, particularly with feedback surveys and customer satisfaction. It only means that you have to aim for ten questions.

If you start shifting towards a long online poll with tons of questions and more than ten minute completion time, you might want to consider providing respondents with incentives to compensate them for their time. Gift cards online are famous, yet you may also offer custom coupons or prizes.

The Bottom Line

It always depends on your preferences or choice when it comes to deciding the numbers of questions to be included in online polls. If you don’t want to waste your respondent’s time and get the data you need, always make your online polls short and see to it that your questions are straight to the point. In this way, you can guarantee that you will get the results you want while keeping your respondents happy and satisfied, regardless of your topics of your online polls.

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