What are the Measures Implemented by the Government of Developing Nations to Stop Female Infanticide? Poll and Analyze Data this International Day of the Girl Child.

The international day of the Girl Child is being celebrated on 11th of October since 2012 and this year i.e. in 2018, this day will be again celebrated. This is an important day for girls to bring out some serious issues and to suggest changes that can help the developing nations to stop female infanticide as this is one of the most horrible crimes that is done in different rural and illiterate areas of India.

Killing girls on just being girls is also known as gender selective killing and it is such a pathetic crime and must be stopped everywhere where it is done. To stop this crime, social media can play an important role by creating different online polls and gathering information from the people from different places.

Each question you want to ask should contain a characterized reason and a solid purpose behind being there. Asking useless questions that lead you towards nowhere will just waste your time. So, you need to be very selective while creating the online questionnaire. kind of questions that lead users towards a specific or biased answer are useless to ask.

So, while using the online polling tool, you need to ask such questions that the user can answer without being biased and it could lead you towards the specific result regarding female infanticide on this years International Day of Girl child.

The key to getting honest opinions from clients is to ensure they comprehend that you’re really going to follow up on the opinions they give. You can do this by including little indications in the messages or presentation pages that your organization utilizes proposals from clients to develop. Clients will only take the free paid surveys if the surveys are short and significant to the action that they just have made. So, you need to concentrate on short inquiry surveys straightforwardly identified with the client’s activity and should always keep the context in mind.

Female infanticide also known as gender selective killing is a very serious issue and must be brought into the spotlight so that the country could lead towards several way in which it can be stopped. When different people from different places answer such polls and give their opinions then there are more chances that you can get several methods to stop this crime. Also, it can increase the awareness in people if the individuals share such polls on their social networking sites.

So, on this International Day of Girl Child, you must create a poll using online poll creator i.e. www.polldeep.com and must spread awareness in the country by sharing such polls on social media and stop this crime in India where it is done a lot.

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